Travers Grand Prix and Swiss Pro am Fantasy Water Ski Events!

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After a few months off, the pro water ski circuit is back this weekend with 2 FWS events. First is the Travers Grand Prix Proam with Mens Slalom (pick 2) and a salary cap $282,684. Then on Mothers Day enjoy the Swiss Pro Slalom with both mens and womens slalom, (pick 2 each) and a salary cap of $532,592. Live webcast of Sundays event by the Waterski Broadcasting Company @ Live results also @

FWS has made some changes the last few months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-You now must select a full team, meaning all slots must be filled and remember to his SAVE TEAM or your roster will not be entered into the tournament.

-You can now create private conferences to play with you and your friends, just hit the new conference link up top and create a conference between 2 and 12 players, give it a name, create a pass code and share it as commissioner of the conference with whom you want to invite to play. You can only create one conference per user but you can join as many conference as you like. Your drafted roster will be the same in all the conference you join. We would love feedback to the conference play, this weekend is sort of a beta test of the new conference features.

-We also made the draft page on mobile a little more friendly with less scrolling needed to sort through the skiers, let us know your thoughts.

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