2014 Response TXI listing with driver only

lw_moskierlw_moskier Posts: 2 Baller
Looking for advise to correct listing when there is only a driver in the boat. Even though the effect of the wake seems negligible to the skier it annoys me to have the boat listing while there is only a drive and no passenger in the boat. Obviously the listing is worse when pulling skiers at slower speeds... The obvious solution is the lead wake bags that are 50 pounds a piece but not sure how many I may need and what others have done. I've seen guys at the ski schools run a plastic gas can with lead or steel shot in them. Any advise on what others are doing would be greatly appreciated.


  • dbutcherdbutcher Posts: 292 Solid Baller
    You are going to need at least two 50 lb bags. Not only do you have to offset the missing passenger weight, you have to offset the prop rotation torque (assuming left hand rotation). The 50 lb bags with handles are quick and convenient to put in and out. I use one 50 lb bag in a right hand rotation boat.
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    A skinnier driver ;)

    We always seem to have a spotter
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    I'd install a ballast tank behind the spotters seat and a reversible pump. 12.5 gallon capacity will get you around 100lbs. Couple holes to drill, but it would make it quick and easy to adjust. Not sure why this isn't an option on all ski boats, pretty sure that MC used to have a system like this in the prostar.

    Edit: MasterCraft Training System
    Nicknamed “Ethel” by the MasterCraft boys, this 180-pound passenger-side ballast tank is great for weight balancing when it’s only you and a friend on the water.
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    We frequently used 3 bags (50 pounds). One in the left front bow seat storage. One under the observer seat. The third is on the floor and gets moved from driver to observer side depending on driver weight.
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    2 of the 50llb bags gets the job done fine. You can even get by with just 1. I'm 180 and with 1 50lb bag the listing isn't bad at 34mph in both the new and previous model Malibu hulls. If you weigh more or drive at slower speeds then t he second bag might be more of a necessity.
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    Had a ‘13 TXi and it needed 200 lb bag to level it out with a 180 lb driver.
    My 2001 Response only needs 50 lbs.
    probably depends a bit on the mold it came out of. Buy 100 lbs to start and buy more if needed. I hate it too when the boat is not level. I’m at 15/22 off so may notice it more there.
  • lw_moskierlw_moskier Posts: 2 Baller
    Thanks for all of the feedback! I spend most of the time pulling skiers at 34mph anywhere from 22-35 off. The most annoying time is when it's just me pulling my wife at 30mph but I don't expect to completely solve that problem because I'm not looking to through that many bags in the boat. I will probably experiment with some dumbbells first. Hopefully 2 bags will do the trick.
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    @lw_moskier : I moved my battery outboard farther to help so less ballast is needed. Also, do a survey of what and where you have all the moveable stuff stored (anchor / skis / ski bags (easy to drop behind driver) / ropes ) and perhaps some repositioning will help.
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    I use a 5 gallon gas can filled with sand and water in my 14 Prostar. Works great. inexpensive and easy in easy out
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    The 3 bags I mentioned were for our pre-2017 TXi. In the 2017 TXi, we used 2 bags in the bow alone (100 pounds, 50 in the nose and 50 under the left bow seat) and used the 3rd bag on the floor to be moved as needed.

    One other thing that helped me in my personal boat (Response LX) was storing my barefoot boom in the observer side gunnel. With the battery on that side as well, I almost don’t need any additional weight and usually didn’t use any bags in that boat. The boom weight, combined with its farthest outboard location, provides a good amount of counterbalance.
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  • Mick04Mick04 Posts: 29 Baller
    I use 2 bags under observer seat with only a driver. When I have an observer, one bag gets moved under fwd most bow seat to shift CG fwd. If you primarily ski with driver only, I recommend 3 bags, 2 under observer seat, one in bow.
  • Moved2skiMoved2ski Posts: 12 Baller
    I use a wakeboard fat sack filled about 1/4 full. Fills and empty’s in about one minute.
  • greghayesgreghayes Posts: 111 Baller
    I second what @MISkier posted. The trick to both weighting and tracking on this era of Txi is having some weight in the bow (plus a little under the observer seat when empty). I'd start with 50lb lead weight under the open bow observer side - as far forward as you can get it. I think you'll be pleased and need less weight overall to balance the boat.
  • JGrayJGray Posts: 63 Baller
    I have a 2014 TXi myself, pulled my 8 year old slalom 18 mph last night just me and 50 lbs under the passenger seat. 2x25lb weight plates in a bag. Wake was nice and even both sides. Can say at that speed a bit of weight up front would probably help with tracking. I was driving out of course with a decent cross wind so holding a straight line was not paramount, and I was watching him more then worrying about my boat path so I was weaving a bit. Tracking was not that bad though, did pull him through the course twice and was able to hold a good boat path with little effort compared to someone at 34 mph which is really no effort.
  • WoodySkierWoodySkier Posts: 68 Baller
    Friend has a 15 prostar and has a similar issue, it’s like a totally different boat with a passenger or 100 lbs under observer seat. There is an option on the prostar for a ballast tank under the passenger seat, I’d highly recommend it if you ski without a spotter frequently. The Nautiques don’t have much of an issue because the prop turns the opposite way.
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