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Cant wait to hear more about this. Follow the moving Ball !!

Loving the new ZO Rev. S Plus Mode "SMOOOOOOOTH"


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    Just got mine yesterday, and it works awesome so far. Very smooth.
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    @twhisper ... Can you explain how the ball works ? Do you slide the rope through the ball? Would be nice to see a video of how this exactly works.
    Loving the new ZO Rev. S Plus Mode "SMOOOOOOOTH"
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    Cool! It was discussed using one of those sports tracking cameras last year but panning speed was determined to be too slow. Cool to see someone made a faster one.
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    The ball is a soft foamy material with a slit and a small velcro patch. It opens up and clamps around rope. I might be able to get some video today of how the system works, and video of the results.
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    So you need to move the ball each time the rope is shortened? Or can you place it further down the line than the skier is likely to shorten to? Looks from website that ball position has to be right by pylon?
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    Can the ball be attached to a shock tube so the ball does not have to be moved when shortening the rope?
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    Or can Wakeye sell a 3' shock tube with sensor(s) implanted in it?
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    Here's the cylon working. This is with a GoPro directly mounted without the dampening system. Yes, you have to move the ball with the rope shortening. It's supposed to be 6" from the pylon.
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    Would like to see 35 off and beyond with a standard cell phone.
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    @OSUwaterskier great question and idea that I'm sure would work, may need some modification.
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    Great advance but will still be taking skier shock from the pylon. Separate mount off the pylon would be ideal!
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    Does the GoPro work with the Wakeye App, or to you start and stop the GoPro manually?
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    Built one of these 2 years ago. Pretty simple project.
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    Not that it is a big deal to move the ball, but what about using a half-meter section and caribiner like a PP switch section. Then just leave red sponge ball where it is and use a rope with PP section removed?

    Bigger question, is the shake from slack rope hits eliminated, or greatly reduced?
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    @jcmccavit GoPro is independent of the wakeye, you'll need to start/stop manually or through a phone/tablet connected via bluetooth I actually just start the gopro at the beginning of my set and let it run through the whole set. Nautique does have bluetooth control of gopro in existing wake boats, and that is a feature in the 2019 ski nautique, it will start and stop based on a speed threshold (maybe programmable?)
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