Trans/Prop Issue?

dgarland10dgarland10 Posts: 17 Baller
This might be difficult to get a clear answer to, but I thought I would post and see your thoughts. Last weekend when using my boat, its a Calabria Cal-Air Direct Drive, with Merc 350 Tow Sports. When hitting the throttle to start skiing the boat would accelerate as normal but then seemed like it slipped or missed for a moment and then accelerate as normal again. If I hit the throttle a little lighter it would not do this. Any thoughts?


  • KelvinKelvin Posts: 1,081 Crazy Baller
    Check the transmission fluid levels.
    Kelvin Kelm, Lakes of Katy, Katy Texas
  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 3,050 Mega Baller
    Does it do it during hard turns as well?
  • dgarland10dgarland10 Posts: 17 Baller
    @BraceMaker no didnt seem to do this while making turns, only coming out of the hole
  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 3,050 Mega Baller
    I've seen them slip but usually low fluid levels will also show during a hard right hander.

    This sounds like more of a fuel or electrical - how to troubleshoot would be to watch the engine RPM closely while you accelerate, a slipping trans will let the RPM rise with out acceleration, a miss either from poor fuel supply or spark will have a dip or sag in RPM through that zone.
  • eleeskieleeski Posts: 3,693 MM Trick Skier / Eccentric Person
    The bubbler on the old Mastercraft did exactly that. The prop was cavitating. Check your prop.

  • DWDW Posts: 1,894 Mega Baller
    Sounds like a new problem, check prop for any damage (was there an incident, impact to prop) as that can cause cavitation. If prop is undamaged, check trans fluid (should do that anyway) and if both are fine, when was the last trans fluid change. Hard to think this would be it, but a sheared key might be a possibility (prop or coupler).

    Cavitation should feel like a rubber band stretch and recovery, low fluid can feel more stepped, digital or intermittent.
  • eyepeelereyepeeler Posts: 154 Baller
    Another vote for low tranny fluid. Takes two guys to check it.
    Matt Dillon
  • eleeskieleeski Posts: 3,693 MM Trick Skier / Eccentric Person
    @eyepeeler Two to check it? I thought it was "how many slalom skiers does it take to change a lightbulb? Two. One to screw it in and one to say "nice turns"".
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