Any new ski lakes under development?

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Not in the market at all, just curious: have any new ski lake developments been started in the past couple years? Or did the Great Recession pretty much put an end to ski lake developments?



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    I have had many discussions with friends, is it worth buying a property on a lake, with all the associated costs, plus you will need somebody to drive the boat etc, in a matter of fact it was the general opinion that you would probably ski more by living away from a lake and travelling a short distance to ski, mentally you would be taking time out to ski and maybe more focussed, it would also be more of a social event.

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    I like living at the lake and ski more now than I ever did before moving. I guess it depends on your personal situation and mental approach. I have neighbors that say they are too busy to ski - I don't get it.
    Kelvin Kelm, Lakes of Katy, Katy Texas
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    It's a matter of choice. Like Kelvin I have people at my lake who don't ski much or if at all and I don't get it either. The funny part I question is - if you're not going to ski why don't you sell your house to someone who wants too and who will? There's many neighborhoods with lakes and such that you can't ski on if just looking at water is your thing.
    Others have said we raised our kids here...........yet very few or no kids come are coming back to these ski communities which isn't helping them survive either in my mind. I know when I am ready to pull the plug on skiing my house will be made available for someone who wants the opportunity to have what I have. :)
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    @Stevie Boy I live on public water and not a private ski lake but I ski way more living on the lake than if I didn't. Granted you need to have a driver available but if one of my ski partners and I have 45 minutes free we can both get a set in. This is particularly valuable during the spring and fall when it gets cold in the morning as we can get a set in at lunch time. If it was 15 minutes to drive there and back I likely wouldn't get those sets in.

    Similar for spontaneous sets with my son. I work from home and if I have 30 minutes free I can get a quick slalom or trick set in with my son given that he uncovers and covers the boat. All I have to do is walk down and jump in the drivers seat. I love living on the water.

    @skihard when it is time for me to move on from my house I am not sure if my kids will be old enough or have the funds to take it over. I bought my house from my parents and paid pretty close to market value as they needed the money for their retirement. We will have to see what happens when that time comes and where my kids are living at the time. It would be important to my son but my daughter never quite caught the ski bug like my son and I have.

    Regarding coming back to ski I skied as kid and really didn't ski at all from 23-37 or so. I was busy meeting my wife, working, and dropping my handicap among other things. I came back to it when I had kids and it was a great family thing for us to do together.
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    Loving my lake lot at Still Water Lake Estates in Syracuse Utah which started selling lots in 2015...I bought last year...only a few of the original 30 lots left. There are plans for two new ski lakes in Utah, one in Mountain Green and another in Mappleton.
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    Nothing better than living on a lake. Bought a house 18 months ago on a private natural lake, I ski at least every other day. Walk out the back door lower the boat drive over pick the neighbor up or my GF skies and drives, 30 mins I have the boat on the lift. Sometimes I do it again later that day. Before I had a lot with a dock and boathouse that was 5 miles away loading up the equipment and try to get someone to ski and drive meant I skied once or twice a week if I was lucky. All I can say is do not hesitate if your thinking of buying a house on a lake.
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    @thager & @MS we were talking about a second homestead in Florida when we live in the UK.
    I guess I have a different prospective, I do not work anymore and travel around a bit to ski at different sites in the USA & Europe, in Florida it can costs $20,000 in fees every year for some homeowners on private lakes, that is a whole lot of travel and skiing, there is no maintenance on the house or boat.
    So if you are working or it is your main residence I guess it is a whole different story, but there are a lot of people who buy a property on a lake intending to use it and use it very little.
    Bonus for other people if they get to use the lake when ever they want.

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    Anyone try to answer @jcamp’s question?
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    @jcamp My site in Mecca (CA) needs a driving force. It's dug but not developed. Waiting for a motivated buyer or partner. Any takers?

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    Many say a dream come true , but few actually will do it. Whether it's affordability , re locations , moving far from amenities etc. I pulled the trigger 2 years ago and love it. But serious draw backs from our prior home. Sent from city utilities and shopping and restaurants walking distance. Now it's long drive. But can't help loving lake life !
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    @skihard there are no guarantees that when a house that lists for sale in a ski community, gets purchased by a skier. The last four houses that sold in our community, were bought by non skiers. It would help if when properties were listed, they were targeted to the ski community. Realtors and owners don't do that. They usually just want a buyer. The ratio of skiers to non skiers in our community has slowly shifted in favor on non skiers. We are fortunate that the non skiers still support our passion.
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    @Stevie Boy for winter skiing you are stuck with south Florida.
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    @MS. Au contraire! Central Florida is where it’s at!
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    I know some skiers in the Orlando area... They pretty much all say Orlando gets too cold in winter to ski unless you enjoy 50-55 degree water temp
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    I have froze a few times in the winter in MCO But if you live there i am sure you can pick your days and get some good skiing in.
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    Ha! After 2 years most people acclimate and then wear down parkas when it gets below 70 degrees, me included!
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    Could someone answer @jcamps question? I am wondering the same thing. Would love for someone to build a ski lake/pond in South Carolina and sell lots.
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    I am not aware of any new ski lakes or any planned future ski lakes in Michigan.
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    @jcamp like Scott said, Utah has a new site and more are coming. If the need for a lake exists I am sure someone will dig and build. Nation wide it has slowed down but I’m sure there are new lakes in the works. Lake 38 is new
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    Seems like there are a large number of lots and houses, even whole ski lakes for sale right now. Makes me wonder if the declining skiing population is resulting in the lack of a need for more lakes.
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    There are some more water sport lakes zoned in Arizona. Not much information other than that at this time.
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    @Llivetoski I live in Orlando and ski all winter. I rarely if ever wear more than a heater top, though admittedly I see dry suits and full suits in January and February.

    I don’t know of any new lakes on the horizon, but there is a local rumor that Andy’s lake is or soon will be for sale. I haven’t seen activity on his lake in over two years.
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    There are two new lakes in Kalispell, MT completed last year. There are a couple houses completed on the lake and several lots have sold. Unfortunately the wrong side of the state for me.
    Justin Edgell - Bozeman, MT
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    I stand corrected (possibly). Somebody is building something that looks very much like a ski lake between South Haven, MI and Grand Junction, MI.

    And, as @DaveD said, there are some entire existing lakes for sale in MI. There is one near Jackson, MI for $650,000 that is on a 109 acre parcel. That one is listed on Ski-It-Again.

    Here is the lake between South Haven and Grand Junction.

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    @MISkier is that 2 courses long, or just wrong?
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    @Drago, see this picture. The line is about 1950 feet. If it is a ski lake, I suspect they are using the extra room in the hook for more waterfront lots and/or a swimming area away from the course.

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  • DragoDrago Posts: 1,298 Mega Baller
    Yup, that'll work
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    Isn't 650k dirt cheap for an already existing private ski lake ?
    (...and i'm poor!)
  • MISkierMISkier Posts: 2,341 Mega Baller
    @Andre, it’s a good price. It’s not a purpose-built ski lake, but it's very close to the correct design. I'd certainly buy it. The 109 acres is a nice chunk of land as well.

    The worst slalom equipment I own is between my ears.
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    @Ilivetoski This last winter is the 1st time since I started skiing 4-5 years ago that I saw water temperatures get below 60 here in the orlando area. The last couple years its stayed in mid 60s, and I go back and forth between wearing and wetsuit and not. I skied once this year when it was upper 50s. My blacktec kept me warm enough, but I couldn't feel my feet. That low of temps don't last long enough to worry about finding something for my feet....just took a month off this year. Those 50s didn't last long.
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