Vest Recommendations for Tall Guy

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Hi Ballers--I've been reading the site for a year or so and have learned a ton. I grew up waterskiing the backwaters of the Mississippi in Wisconsin behind a tri hull, and spent some time wakeboarding in my early 30's. In my early 40's now and have the ski bug and am excited to teach my kids to ski. I just picked up a '92 ProStar 190 to replace a Bayliner runabout that we shared with my brother in law for the last few years.

I'm 6'4" and 180 lbs, and am looking for a good USCG approved ski vest. Also looking for gloves, and I have big hands, usually an XL work glove works, but just barely. I've always just skied in whatever jackets were on the boat, but would like to upgrade to something more comfortable without spending too much money. Any advice would be helpful!


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    I'd lob in a call to the guys and gals @perfski and talk to them about what you're looking for. My personal experience with USCG vests is limited to HO and O'Neill, the former of which worked better for me as it's not so thick. That said, I've switched to a non-USCG, but still floaty neoprene vest from Dolphin. They're hand-made in Wisconsin and can be ordered with extra length.
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    Welcome. Nice boat! My fav' hull of all. Imo O'Neill Impact vest. I'm 6'2" 170 and wear a large. I'm on my second one. First one lasted 15 seasons. I've been using HO World Cup gloves for about 10 seasons. Great fit and grip, and a little extra warmth on chilly days. I squeeze into smalls.
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    I'm 6'4" and 176 lbs. I ordered 5 jackets to try them on since I wanted something snug and long enough. The O'Brien Tech Neoprene Jacket fits perfect on me. I really like the fit, especially for a USCG vest.
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    @vtmecheng That's awesome feedback. What size do you wear in that jacket?
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    Mine is a medium. Hope it works for you too.
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    Perfect. On sale for $50 at Overton’s, 15% off on top of that and free shipping! Thanks for the recommendation.
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    Follow up in case anyone visits this thread looking for similar advice.

    The O'Brien Tech Neoprene Jacket is great. Comfy and doesn't get in the way. For the money, I think it's hard to go wrong.

    I'm not happy with the HO Men's World Cup gloves. There are two straps on them, and while the one over my wrist is fine, the strap between that one and the palm is so short I can barely close it. I bought XL and they are not big enough, though usually an XL work glove fits me ok.

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    Great to hear that the best recommendation worked for you. I actually have those same gloves and agree that the back hand strap is tight. Mine has gotten better with some use and I have not had a slip or had to stop due to hand fatigue. A friend forgot his Radar gloves at the dock and used mine last weekend, said he found the HO World Cup to be better on his hands, though also tight on the one strap. There are plenty of glove options out there of you want something else, just do a quick search on here.
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