Zero Off puck not working

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Hi all

I have a single puck system - not that old - was working fine and now it says "no gps". When the power is on if I disconnect and re-connect the gps come back and seems ok. However it won't work otherwise? I've heard the puk needs good voltage to power up - I've charged the battery and it seems ok - but I will try a new battery in the hope that works as the battery is 3yrs old. Any ideas before I go and buy a new battery?


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    If your battery is fully charged, (check with a volt meter and read 12.6 volts or so) that's not your problem. Connections, pos and neg need to checked, all of them.
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    Thanks @LeonL - I uninstalled my Zero Off last night and checked every pin etc - the harness looked fine - I also had a spare main harness so I swapped that over - it had exactly the same issue. I'm really starting to think it must be a faulty puck - I've tried to email ZO but I haven't got a response which is annoying - I've tried a different email address so I hope i get a response. I'm in Australia so its a long way to send a puck back for them to test it. I'm hoping i can send them some photo's or videos to prove I tested everything and they can send me a new puck under warranty.
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    @newb have you tried Eric Carmen? [email protected] Or [email protected] Phone number 918-317-4100
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    Yeah, good luck with an email to Zero Off.........
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    ...and to say that Perfect Pass 20 years later still has amazing customer service!
    Canadian eh!
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    Eric got onto me - he asked if my RPM mode is show RPM's - which its not?? That's really got me confused now. I'll await my reply email from Eric - Hopefully he is on top of his emails. thanks all
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