Actual cost to repair??

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I bought a '96 Malibu Echelon. My wife was not real happy with the color scheme and is wavering on the Perfect Pass at this point. However, she loves that the boat pulls me up without any issue and will admit that she is very happy that I bought a direct drive. AND, just to mention, she in VERY INTENT on becoming an excellent course driver as she knows this is important to me (even though at this point....I SUCK!) She is actually OK with upgrading to something newer as it's less mechanical issues and will have ZO. So, I see this on SIA: BOAT Obviously the price "seems" good but what would be the actual engine replacement cost/labor etc? Basically I'm wanting a newer boat without having to screw with the speed control system which is the version 7 of PP and has been a PITA. Thanks
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    Check out Summit and Jasper for rebuilt long block.There's also another place but can't remember the name now...Do you plan to do the job yourself ?
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    I believe @Jody_Seal says it’s $15k to drop a new ZO motor in, parts and labor. I’m not sure on whether or not that includes ZO controls too or just capability of ZO. A rebuilt motor installed might cost $4k, parts and labor. But rebuilds are hit and miss on quality.
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    A bit nervous about the whole process. Hell, I'd rather buy a boat without issues for a bit more $ as the wife doesn't always understand the process.

    @Andre , I rebuilt a couple of jetski motors but I don't feel I'm up to this task. So, I'll be having it done. I would be getting references or sending to @Jody_Seal for the install. If I do this, it has to be done right. Hell, she's onboard with the direct drive. I don't wanna screw that up, right?

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    Figure around 6k in parts. Longblock and any might as well stuff and new tools. If you pay someone to do it add on 3k or so. It isnt rocket science
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    Two cylinders at 50 might not be that bad. Possibly corroded valves. Sometimes running it cures that. Otherwise, put an altitude prop on it and enjoy skiing on 240 hp. When you start jumping 200' rebuild the engine. If you get a couple years out of it before it blows up, you scored. It won't cost much (any?) more to replace a block with a piston through the side of the block than a 50 compression engine. It's a straightforward repair either way.

    The altitude prop lets the engine spin faster and get closer to peak hp. In your case since the hp is reduced this will make starts feel the same and you will still probably get to your max speed.

    I milked a couple of years out of a tired boat engine that way.

    That's a pretty boat. Get it and enjoy it. Fix it when you absolutely have to. @oldjeep is right - maybe a bit high. This is not the 15k ZO upgrade. It's just pistons and valves. The killer is if the repair has to happen in the heart of the summer.

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    For that price if its genuine its a no brainer.
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    If you are that serious then call a couple mechanics and see what they quote. If we assume 15k is a good, conservative number then it just comes down to one question. Do you want that boat for about 35k? Now I'm assuming you actually buy the boat for $20k instead of haggling but you get the point.
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    To follow up with Eric I bought a boat with a bad motor. I knew it wasn’t right and got a deal and honestly didn’t think it was bad rings one cylinder. Anyways I was running 135 on 7 cylinders and 90 on one. But ran like a champ, good power and smooth above 2k rpm, but below 2k it vibrated too much from the low cylinder. You want all cylinders within 10%. I’d been better off if I had 90 on all 8 instead of just that one.
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    Fwiw, if the 50 psi are on cylinders that are right next to each other then it could just be a bad head gasket. Doesnt seem like you can hurt yourself at 20k, obviously a much better deal if you diy.
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    What @oldjeep said about head gasket. The ad says OBO. Go look it over, drive it, ski it. If you like it use it for the summer and get it rebuilt. As long as it's intact and running you should be able to rebuild that engine. Rebuild that one or get a rebuilt short or long block, whatever the situation dictates and price is best.
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    Any idea of what a inboard dealer would charge for this diagnosis and repair?

    An outboard motor dealer would sell you a new motor and in a couple hours it would be done with a new 4 to 10 year warranty on the motor. Pretty simple really.
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    If it really takes $15k to get it running strong, I think better deals can be had. Previous gen Responses around 500hrs have been going for $35-40k for quite some time now.
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    Is this a salt water boat? Something to ask/consider.
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    Based on where Lloyd Harbor NY is I think that is likely a salt water boat. Lloyd Harbor is right on Long Island Sound. If you are ultimately replacing the engine I am not sure what the down side is to a salt water boat. Definitely questions I would want answered.
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    What is wrong with salt water? Maybe you need to replace the steering cable on more frequent intervals. You are already getting the engine discount. Salt water won't melt the boat. Boats are designed to handle salt water.

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    @oldjeep - being that he's rebuilt a jetski engine, I'd go down there with a leakdown test kit and a portable compressor, pull the dead plugs cycle the piston down and plug in the tester, pull the oil cap, the hose to the head at the thermostat and the manifold drain plug and figure out where that air's going. Should tell you if its rings right quick. If air isn't coming out the oil fill cap you don't need to pull the block, if both are on one side of the engine you probably just need to pull one head. And if its coming out the water jacket you're pretty easy to assume its the head gasket. Easier problem and far cheaper.
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    Skip has a 6.0 and a 5.3 PCM for sale on ski-it-again. An expert would have to pipe on whether the trans in the Bu would be plug and play, but you could potentially grab one of those if the Indmar is indeed on borrowed time? $4,900 for the 6.0 seems like a good deal, if you could just drop it in?
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    In the SN 200, the 6.0Ls will fit in the same motor box as the 5.7s. The 5.3L motor box is larger. Not sure how the room would be in the BU.
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    So did anyone on here make the purchase? My next door neighbor was ready to depart to go pick it up, but the owner didn't return contact as initially planned...but eventually did to say it had sold and was headed to Wisconsin.
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