Taping a plate to ski problem!

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Hi Team!

Slight issue, I use 3M VHB (very high bond) tape to connect my plate to the ski. The sort of tape you'll find on Gopro mounts. Very strong, Never had an issue with it. However my new ski seems to have a slight concave on the top deck, and if I lay tape in the middle of the plate and down the sides (as normal), the tape down middle causes a pivot point - meaning that the left or right lefts/peals away...
Anyone had this issue or suggestions to safely tape the plate ?
I was considering velcro next ??
(I use fogamans)

please excuse my poor 3D graphic drawings.... :D :D


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    I have a similar thing going currently, almost want some thickness in the VHB tape or to use a few layers of VHB on the periphery.
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    Dual lock has some thickness to it. Would a lot of Dual lock provide the connection you are looking for? I dual lock a plate to my ski (a Goode without inserts) then mount releasable (Vapor & RTP) bindings to it. I have never had the plate peel away from the ski.
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    I would call 3M and see what they say.
    Shut up and ski
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    @MS you funny guy!!!
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    Woah woah woah! Hold the phone!

    You mean using go pro sticky things is a viable alternative to screws for a waterski binding?!

    So say someone wanted to mount a radar vector hrt on the rear of a Connelly ski where the holes don’t play nice together ... this could be an option?

    For realz?
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    What if you ran the tape across the ski vs from front to back
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    Get an adapter plate, mount your Fogmans to the plate and screw the plate to the ski using the pre-drilled holes on the plate and the inserts on the ski. You could then skip the tape in the middle and only use tape down either side for the purpose of creating a flat plane on which the adapter plate can sit. Because of the width and irregular shape of the Fogman plate, you might not be able the get the Fogman plate to sit flat on your convex top ski. You might need to use a slightly longer machine screw and you can leave the top stop on the tape- no need to make it double sided since you are screwed to the ski.

    If you are taping the Fogman plate directly to the ski, you are not using the bindings properly.

    What ski are you using that has a convex top? It would seem that no binding would fit securely to such a ski.
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    @jercrane - yeah ive used it for 3+ years never had an issue (until now) I use 3 strips 3 inches long at the top and the same at the bottom of the plate. The stuff is so strong I tore my rotator cuff trying to prize it away. now ive learnt that you need to get a hair dryer on it , super heat it and it separates cleanly. I swap it out every 2 years only when I switch/replace skis. believe the product code is 4991 - be careful as theres a really narrow one and a standard one.

    @lpskier - I currently use the connelly/stealth approved plate, issue being is the release mounts are in-front of the screw holes, a big crash would snap the plate like a twig as its super thin a designed to be taped.
    Ive got a Radar pro build, had two of them before and never had this issue - for some reason this ones slightly convex... using the connelly/fogman version with the adaptor plate. Ironically of the Three pro builds ive had this is by the far the best one (other than this annoying issue).
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    Does the Denali crew have their binding plates available for sale?
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