Does anybody have experience skiing a ZO 305 (5.0)?

Orlando76Orlando76 Posts: 859 Crazy Baller
I’ve been thinking and this is a 3 part topic.

1) A ski friend of mine has an ‘07 SN with what appears to be a 305 in it. I say appears to be because the cowling says 330 (I believe it says 330) Excalibur. When you read the fine print on the cover it says plain as day 5.0 305. I never heard of a 305 in a post 70’s era SN and was told by those in the know None exist but I’ve heard of some conflicting facts. So I assume must be wrong cover from factory. Friend is the original owner and he doesn’t even know what motor it has and doesn’t care as long as it skis. I find this common amongst hardcore skiers.

2) I have a hard time skiing ZO. My boat has PP classic and comes up with perfect times every time. Hands down I ski my best behind my boat, highest buoy count and by far I’m in my best form (which can only be described as mediocre at best) However rarely do I get to ski my boat. In other ZO boats I do ok, seems to be an adjustment period for me but I can do ok for me.

3) My friends boat with the possible 305 whips my ass. It pulls me over out of the buoy harder and quicker than any boat I’ve skied and my form isn’t good enough to resist as a 32mph skier. Most of my skiing is behind this boat. If it’s in fact a 305, rpms should be higher than a 350 and therefore the pull coming out of the ball should/could be harder and quicker than comparable ZO boats? Has anybody seen or skied a boat like this? Follow what I’m saying? Or am I way off basis?


  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 3,050 Mega Baller
    Check PCM's website; there was a 5.0 liter MPI PCM engine, not sure if Nautiques used it, ~275 HP instead of the 330HP 5.7

    Could be the wrong sticker.
  • acmxacmx Posts: 228 Baller
    Sounds like it has the first version of ZO
  • MSMS Posts: 4,969 Mega Baller
    That should be a 350 block. They made the same engine 343hp in 2008
    Shut up and ski
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    The Excalibur 330 is a 5.7L/350 engine. My ski partner has one in a repowered 2001 bubble back Nautique.
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    @Orlando76 I have a friend who owns a 2006 196 with the 305 ci, 275 hp engine. Jody Seal made the conversion to ZO for him, Friend says it skis great but he weighs 165 and gets into 35 off with no problems. BTW my 2004 196 LE with Excalibur 330 retailed for > $45k. Suspicious of a new 2007 196 for $27k. They weren't giving them away in those years.
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    Yep @acmx sound like it has the original zero off software. Update it to current and happy days. Also that early engine might be dual speed control compatible. Add pp and keep zero off
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    @Orlando76 I have an 02 Nautique 196 and have the GM 305 TBI in my boat. It was a rare engine but I have a base model. My understanding like others have said is the Excalibur which was available in 02 as an option but I think the base in 03 was the GM 350 block.

    Can you take a photo of it?

    From what I read they also didn't offer the 305 after 2002 but I wouldn't be surprised if somehow it was done.
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    I ski behind a 08 Mastercraft with original ZO and it will definitely take off on you if you hit it too hard. I've tried to get him to update it but he's a little guy too and it doesn't bother him.
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