Gates for longer lines

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Didn't want to hijack The set up post, I was having problems stalling out when turning in for the gate. This was something new that crept in this year. When I went to Swervin weekend Jonathan Travers told me I was pulling out to far or other words to high on the boat. See what i get reading to much during the winter months. Yes for short line skiers this is what you want but those of us that ski 15 and 22off you can get to wide of the boat easily getting 10' or more out side the 2,4.6 ball when you setup for the gates. 28 off things change and it gets a little harder to stay wide before you began your pull. Jonathan said no more than 3' wider than 2,4,6 for your setup. It worked for me and no more stalling, now to fix the other 50 things I am doing wrong.


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    There will probably be some disagreement to not getting a little wider, but the geometry makes since that getting high on the boat at longer lines isn't practical. At 35 off, getting even with the boat will only put you about 3' outside the buoy line. Getting high on the boat at 15 off, can take you up to 20' wide. Thats way wide. My instruction from Jodi has been to get about 2 boat widths (10-12M) outside the 2/4/6 buoy line. That only puts the rope at about 45 degrees relative to center line, and WAY back from high on the boat. Jodi is then very focused on turning in for your gate cross as soon as you match boat speed in your glide, then if you miss the gates adjust your pullout relative to the 55s so you're at the right speed at the right time, of course that goes along with good alignment and position etc. I have no idea how that instruction may change at 22 and 28 off. If I ever see those loops I'll find out I suppose. There's already enough adjustment going from 26 to 28 to 30 mph, then head wind/tail wind.....I can't keep up.
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