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Ski Selection, HO omni or other options?

LobonatorLobonator Posts: 42 Baller
Hey everyone,
I've been a silent listener on the forum for awhile and have learned a ton from you guys!

I'm currently strictly an open water skier on a
67" HO Freeride. I'm 6 feet and around 160lbs. My tow time is split between an I/O bowrider, and a Malibu sportster lxi. Recently I've relocated within a very short drive to McClintocks Ski School and am looking to get something that will help me get into the course. When I ski open water I am almost always skiing at 34mph, but find my free ride gets really squirrelly when I'm going at faster speeds behind the direct drive. I'm not looking to compete by any means but would like to run the course if I'm on a lake with one.

Do you guys think the HO omni syndicate or carbon is a ski that would be a good match for what I'm trying to do? And will I have any issues mounting Radar Profile Boots onto that ski? I'm open to any other suggestions you guys have as well!

Thanks in advance, Aidan.


  • blockblock Posts: 165 Baller
    This ski is awesome thru -32 @34mph. It is stable making it very easy to learn proper slalom technique.
    Good luck,
    John Seiler
  • LobonatorLobonator Posts: 42 Baller
    Thanks @block. As many other members here have noted the lines are pretty blurred between what limit, or speed all of the different skis can be skied to. Do you think the Syndicate version would be too much ski?
  • blakeyatesblakeyates Posts: 83 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    The Omni would be a perfect choice for you and it appears that you have chosen the proper length. I’m not sure on the Radar boots but in most cases, the boots are interchangeable on different brands of skis. I used a Radar Toe Plate on my HO VTX.
    Blake Yates
    Nautique Promo Rep, GA
  • vtmechengvtmecheng Posts: 332 Solid Baller
    The Freeride isn't ment to fast speeds, more for keeping things a little slower and having a fun time. If you're just learning the course and you free ski a lot then the Carbon Omni would be great. If you have the extra cash to spend then you will love the Syndicate. The Carbon doesn't have a fully adjustable fin block, only front-back, but I've been told that isn't a concern until you are shortening the line at 34 mph. If you do start to get into 22 off at 34 then it's easy to install the Syndicate fin block on the Carbon. I am new to the course as of last year and love the Carbon Omni, no regrets so far.
  • vtmechengvtmecheng Posts: 332 Solid Baller
    On binding install, the front Radar boot will fit right up. If the rear is a metal plate Radar it will also an HO. If the rear binding is a Radar feather frame then it will not mount on an HO.
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  • SivotaSivota Posts: 108 Baller
    @vtmecheng is correct - Radar Vapor binding fits my Omni Syndicate and the HRTP with the aluminium plate also fits without difficulty. Also I agree that it would be a good ski for you.
  • LobonatorLobonator Posts: 42 Baller
    Thanks for the info guys! Happy to get confirmation on that. I will be looking to pick one up in the next few weeks! Definitely gonna go for the Syndicate version @vtmecheng. The only other ski, that I've seen that kinda fits the same bill is the Radar Senate. What do you guys think about the Senate for what I'm doing? @sivota @blakeyates @block
  • vtmechengvtmecheng Posts: 332 Solid Baller
    Do a quick search on here and you will find many people in the same position as you who have asked the same Omni vs Senate vs V question. You won't get a great answer because they are all great skies. I may recommend the Omni because that's that I'm on, another baller may recommend the Senate since that's what they ride. Skies are a bit personal and there's some brand loyalty. You can just buy one and enjoy a great ski. Other option is to take advantage of the Syndicate test ride option for the Omni and I think McClintocks is with Radar so they may let you try a Senate, worth asking.
  • Frank_MAFrank_MA Posts: 4 Baller
    edited June 12
    In April I tested the Senate Alloy for 3 days, then changed to the Syndicate Omni and bought it at least. Now i had 6 sets again on a friends Senate C and and I could recall the difference between both Skis. Omni is more stable and better to control at the start and trough the pre turns. Turns are smoth if you turn passive and verry crisp if you are more active on the ski. Horten described the ski very well in his review. I also noticed less effort sking on the Omni than on the Senate at 30-32 mph. The Senate has a perfect carving turn wich does not get to aggressive when you ski more actively, maybe a bit better for slalom course beginners. Both skis are great skis for their purpose and the turn behavior may also dependend on the flex (construction) of the skis but my favorit is the Omni because of the more stable pre turn and less effort to ski on it. I skied on 69" , 205 lbs with 30-34mph ,15-28 off and stock settings.
  • blakeyatesblakeyates Posts: 83 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    @Lobonator , the last post from @Frank_MA sums it up. IMO it’s Omni. I think I’m gonna get one too and set it up for occasional skiing and for my guests.
    Blake Yates
    Nautique Promo Rep, GA
  • blagratablagrata Posts: 62 Baller
    Has anyone in the 190 lb range tried a 67" Omni on here? I am always in between on the weight range on these skis. The Omni table lists the 67" up to 200 lbs now (CX used to be up to 190 lbs on a 67"). I want to get an Omni... but need some guidance as to what people prefer if they're in between on weight. I ski 32 mph @15 off course only. I'm currently on a 69" CX superlite and feel like I may be able to turn a 67" a little better. I used to ski a 67 senate and thought that was a little sluggish.... but that was at 28 mph. I wish they made a 68 in this ski (or any of the intermediate skis).

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

  • ALPJrALPJr Posts: 1,624 Crazy Baller
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  • vtmechengvtmecheng Posts: 332 Solid Baller
    edited June 24
    @blagrata, the best person to ask is probably @savaiusini or call HO.
  • savaiusinisavaiusini Posts: 297 Water Ski Industry Professional
    @blagrata I’m 195lbs and ride the 67. I ski at 34, but have tested the ski as low as 30. If you ski at 32 now, 67 will be better for you than a 69.
    Sam Avaiusini - Operations Manager, HO Sports Company, Snoqualmie, WA
  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 2,855 Mega Baller
    So I'm right at 180 lbs and the 67 doesnt feel big. Was on 66 D3 and wasn't sure if the 67 would be too big or sluggish but feels great.

    Will be too big at 36mph I bet but then I'm almost to the age.
  • JayproJaypro Posts: 200 Solid Baller
    I am demo'ing the omni and the Connelly Carbon V. I was sold on the Omni, but then Carbon V was amazing, can't decide yet. Both are super stable and plenty fast.
  • skihartskihart Posts: 452 Solid Baller
    edited June 25
    @Lobonator If you are close to McClintocks go over and speak with Jason @jMacSkis and demo some of the radar products. Why not? Then you will get to see what they feel like behind the new Mastercraft Prostars they are running. Maybe even turn a few buoys while you are there!
  • LobonatorLobonator Posts: 42 Baller
    Thanks for all the comments everybody! Really appreciate the help. Im going to be getting out for my first ride of the season this weekend, and will pop over to McClintocks next week to see what the Radar stuff is like over there, hopefully get a test ride in. My new office is only a 5 minute drive away, so this could be deadly!
  • skihartskihart Posts: 452 Solid Baller
    @Lobonator .....lunch time ski sets, your wife will never know.
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  • vtmechengvtmecheng Posts: 332 Solid Baller
    A ski site 5 minutes from work sounds like a dream scenario. Some hit a few balls at the driving range, you get a couple sets in on the water.
  • LobonatorLobonator Posts: 42 Baller
    @skihart @vtmecheng it's starting to look like the relocation was a good move. The weather for this weekend looks amazing, so I'm gonna be getting a tonne of skiing in! So pumped!
  • JayproJaypro Posts: 200 Solid Baller
    I just finished demo’ing the syndicate Omni and the Connelly Carbon V. For what’s its worth I will provide what I felt between the 2. First off, I am 50, 175lbs and was skiing 15 off, public water skier. I ski to have fun, no comps. The Connelly was very impressive. It felt very damp, turned very well, stable, and fast. I skied the Omni and it has those attributes as well. I felt like I could get more angle, more speed, with less effort with the Omni. I was so wide and early I couldn’t believe it. On my last pass last night I was tired and had the handle separate from my hip so I just loaded the ski and boom, got it back under me and made the last pass. I knew that was the ski for me! Thanks @savaiusini for all your help.
  • Connelly_Skis_IncConnelly_Skis_Inc Posts: 38 Water Ski Industry Professional
    Hey @Lobonator! We are obviously a bit biased, but we think the Carbon V would be a really great ski for you to graduate to. Here's why - it's forgiving, maneuverable and responsive. Our own Seth Stisher often says it's the perfect ski for people at max speeds (34 mph) learning to make their way through the course. Check out an article we recently did on all of it's specs

    You can buy it straight from our website too!

    We have a brand new Carbon V with awesome, updated graphics coming out this August, fyi :) Let us know if you have any questions!
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