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My buddy Gavin from Chicago sent these to me looking for advice. Anyone want to help me help him? We know the gate pull out is an issue but given the short set up the boat isn't even quite to speed by the 55's so he has to do a modified one-hander of sorts.
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    Most of his issues are coming from the gate IMO. Doing the somewhat hybrid one handed gate like it currently is, is really impacting on line control at the turn in. This is causing a delay in getting on the gas and not being in an ideal body position into the first wake. Either go later on the pull out and have less of a glide, or stay on the handle with 2 hands for longer with a slower release. In other words, go watch video after video of Terry Winter.
    The goal of being able to maintain better line control through the turn in, is to hopefully be a little better (dare I say it) stacked behind the boat, and not rely on muscling things as much with his upper body. Seems to be a lot of arm pulling going on, which is reducing outbound swing, width and speed also.
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    @auskier agree on the arms over-used...he is very strong and relies on them too much.

    The gate...Terry Winter pulls out for his gate when the boat hits the 55's. At Gavin's set up if he did that the boat might not even be at 30 mph yet. You can see he pulls out when his ski hits the 55's...and if listening to the boat that's about when it gets speed. This set up definitely creates gate problems...I skied there once it's problematic.
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    @6balls so my course is short and we spin in. Not that short but I know we accelerate sooner off the apex of the spin in. Have they experimented with getting on the throttle sooner?
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    @wish it's a lake rented by the person with the boat who pulls everyone. My understanding is she won't take the corner hotter nor get on the juice quicker.
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    @6balls then have the skier pull out into the whip if there is enough space to the left. What's the other end like?
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    I would agree the person should pull out sooner if there is space. We ski at some sites where the boat is just hitting speed as you hit the 55s and with ZO it is workable. It was always hard with PP.
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    @chef23 it's a 196 w/PP.

    Other than gate issue and too much bicep work...other skiing critiques for him?
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    @6balls - I think the gate looks decent for that set up. Going into 1,3,5 the shoulders are a little too open. At shorter line lengths or higher speeds the skier will get twisted in losing width and engaging the front of the ski to early. The 2,4 the skier goes a little flat off the second wake then turns by falling in with his shoulder. That's a hard one to fix, but I would try working on getting on the inside edge a bit earlier and try to initiate with knees and hips. (the shoulders need to be a little more level thru turn)

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