HO System 8

Last year I bought a HO System 8 Ski and I'm having a Hard time finding any information about it so I'm hoping you guys can help me out :) anyone knows what it cost new off the shelf? And is it a intermediet Ski or a High performance Ski? Anything you got on the System 8 I would Love to hear it :)


  • savaiusinisavaiusini Posts: 308 Water Ski Industry Professional
    System 8 is from the 2005-2007 era. Same platform as the Monza which was the top ski in the line at the time. System 8 was built with PU core instead of PVC, which made it a more dampened feeling ski, better for less than perfect water conditions. Monza retailed at $900 and System 8 was $590.
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    Horton invited me to one of his ski tests as the "intermediate" skier (a couple at 35 off on a good run). I was assigned both the System 8 and the Monza. I loved the Monza ( @MS is right - the Monza is one of the best skis ever) and I hated the System 8. 12 buoy difference! Really surprising from two skis from the same mold. Things like flex, rebound and weight matter.

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    Had both S8 and Monza. I enjoyed both of them, but the S8 was a bit soft and undersized for me at the time. Both skis were fun when they were set up right, but I found them to be extremely inconsistent from one lake to the next. Ski would rip on my cold, clear northern lake and when I'd ski muddy water 10 degrees warmer, it'd stink. I put a Slot Fin on the Monza which cured it of that, but I moved onto an A1 a year later. Monza is still up at the lake as a spare, fun ski.

    They're both pretty fast skis if that's your thing.
  • Thank you guys for great info and reviews. I've only skied a couple of sets on the S8 and I find it pretty twitchy and very "fast turning" but I'm changing from my HO Freeride wich is a very stable Ski so I dont know if I'm taking a to big of a leap between the skis :#
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    Goodness. Get a new Omni. Amazing ski! You are on such old ski with old technology. You would love an Omni. You'll never go back.
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    @AllRightsReserved you are making the same transition I did back in 2007ish. Went from a then current Freeride series ski to the S8. Fin and binding placement makes a huge difference on that ski. Get the fin near stock settings and play with binding placement.

    So is budget a limiting factor for using such and old ski? To @Garn point the newer skis are much more stable and less effort. Even something in the 2015 range would be a technology leap.
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    What speed are you skiing? I never found the System 8 to be twichy at 30 mph. It's a decent ski that will allow you to progress. Seemed like 30-32 mph was it's sweet spot. I agree with the Omni suggestion but if money is an issue I personally would get an older Radar P-6. I felt like that ski was a bit easier on the body but would still allow you to progress nicely.
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