Traveling from Idaho to Dallas area-ISO pull or coaching

chicoman88chicoman88 Posts: 3 Baller
I’m traveling from our frigid Idaho winter to Dallas in February to attend a Supercross race on Feb. 16 and visit friends/family. We’ll likely fly in a few days before and stay for a couple days after.
I bought a new ski right before the end of summer and I’ve only had 2 sets on it so I thought maybe I’d fly the new stick down with me and hopefully get out on it if the weather permits. I know February weather in Dallas isn’t dream weather for a local but I’ll be escaping the frozen tundra here and I’d ski in pretty terrible water and weather just to get on the ski at that time of year. I know the map on here shows a few sites near West Lake, where I’ll be staying, and around Dallas, so I thought I’d put the feelers out before I go through the expense of buying a travel case and all that to travel with the ski. Anybody skiing around there in February still?


  • bigtex2011bigtex2011 Posts: 422 Crazy Baller
    Feel free to reach out to me when the date gets close. We usually try to get in the water in March, but you never know.

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