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So my reflex released and I must have kicked the ski. Any suggestions on how to fix it?

Andre Broussard - Louisiana


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    Bondo works
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    That's an easy fix. Two part epoxy (JB weld clear). Two options depending on the tools you have or can borrow. Mix the epoxy and push it into the damaged area as thorough and deep as possible, then clamp it down and let it bond. Or, break off the loose piece, use a dremel tool to smooth out the jagged edges, and fill the hole with epoxy. You will probably need to set the ski up so the damaged area is level to the working surface and create a small dam coming off the top plate of the ski to keep the epoxy in the damaged area. It is OK if the epoxy is a little higher than the side wall of the ski that is being repaired, the epoxy is sand-able.
    Bob Grizzi
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    @skibug would it be preferable to bond the material in or cut the damaged area out and fill w/ epoxy?
    Andre Broussard - Louisiana
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    With epoxy I'd keep the chip if using something more structural with a filler in it remove the chip. Plain epoxy needs something to hold onto.
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    @Broussard hard to say. I would have to put my hands and eyes on it to say for sure. Sometimes trying to save the material is futile and it is just easier to remove the lose damaged material and fill the area. If you fill the area, you have more options for the repair. I have used epoxy to fill the hole and it works fine; but, there are some other repair products that work just as well. JB weld makes a product called waterweld and another similar product for fiberglass repair that come in the form of a dough stick that you lop off the amount to be used, kneed it with your fingers to get to activate, then apply and shape in the damaged area. It is also sand-able. Just do a google search and you will find it sold at any home improvement store or Walmart.
    Bob Grizzi
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