Connelly SUP Drive Fin System

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Making Summer Fun for Everyone Since 1965: 

Connelly Introduces the SUP Fin Drive System to Keep You Moving on the Water (Even on a Windy, Cold or Long Day)
We have something to spice up your typical day on the water. Introducing the electric SUP Drive Fin System. Yep, you heard us. It's a small motor that attaches to the belly of your board and allows you to paddle at higher speeds for a longer distances. A little wind and chop? Not a problem. You can still get out on a blustery day and paddle with ease. Also great for putting around and checking out your buoys now that the ice is thawing out. 

Connelly SUP Drive Fin System

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  • bojansbojans Posts: 242 Baller
    I am waiting for the picture of someone sitting on a lawn chair, feet up on a cooler putting around on an SUP.
  • keithh2oskierkeithh2oskier Posts: 488 Crazy Baller
  • bojansbojans Posts: 242 Baller
    my day has been made
  • h2onhkh2onhk Posts: 259 Solid Baller
    edited May 1
    @Than_Bogan the latter

    never had to register a SUP. if this catches on I wonder if the regulations on SUP will change and owners will have to have registration and numbers
  • oldjeepoldjeep Posts: 3,354 Mega Baller
    In mn you are already required to register a sup if it is over 10 ft long. Same sort of sticker you need for a kayak or canoe.
    Chuck P
    Not a mechanic but I play one at home
  • skibrainskibrain Posts: 48 Baller
    CG fin, WhisperFin.... the obvious next evolution is the Drive Fin. No doubt would have the potential to both accelerate and decelerate a slalom ski.
  • ObrienslalomObrienslalom Posts: 61 Baller
    Was hoping this would be more like a trolling motor. Something about bring the inboard boat near cover never felt like a good idea...
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