Numbers for a 69" 2014 Senate Graphite?

DangerBoyDangerBoy Posts: 260 Solid Baller
A while ago I posted that I was looking for a deal for a 20-something y.o. friend of mine looking for a decent older 68" or 69" ski but was on a tight budget. Thanks to everyone who responded with offers to help with some very generous offers. After mush deliberation, he ended up going with a 2014 69" Radar Senate Graphite and a set of Radar Profile bindings.

Now I'm wondering if anyone has some setup numbers he could try on that rig. Also wondering what the stock settings are for that year/ski. For some of you, I imagine, this might require digging up and blowing the dust off an old note book or two but maybe there are a few still out there riding one of those sticks. Any help would be appreciated.
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  • Chris RossiChris Rossi Posts: 277 Open or 55K Rated Skier
    @DangerBoy the factory setting for that ski are on the Radar website. I'd start there and dial it in as necessary.
  • DangerBoyDangerBoy Posts: 260 Solid Baller
    @Chris Rossi Thanks for that. I should've looked there to begin with but I just assumed the settings for a ski that old wouldn't still be up there. It appears I shouldn't underestimate the kind of customer service that Radar Skis provides. ;)

    We'll start on the stock settings but if anyone has some alternative numbers to recommend, we'll certainly be keen to give 'em a go as well. ;)
    I can take anything apart
  • DangerBoyDangerBoy Posts: 260 Solid Baller
    Just giving this a bump to see if there's anyone who could possibly suggest some alternative numbers my friend could try on this ski. Even if someone could just suggest which direction we should maybe try heading in would be helpful. I would hope someone out there has experimented with the fin settings on a 69" Senate of that era and could at least tell me in general terms (e.g. shallower/longer or deeper/shorter, more or less DFT, etc.) where they found their sweet spot on the ski even if they don't have the exact measurements available to them any longer.
    I can take anything apart
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