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2015 Malibu Response TXI - touch screen issues

hemlockhemlock Posts: 146 Baller
My lake ski buddy has the brochure promo Malibu 2015 Response TXI (yellow and black one), and we had trouble today with the touch screen. After running a few sets, we then shut off the engine and power button. About 10 minutes later we decided to head back to the dock. Turned the power button on, and now the touch screen goes a faint white and then dark.
Zero off turns on, and the stereo works. But no touch screen to start the engine so we had another buddy tow us home.

Anyone experience anything similar? Is the touch screen shot? Could it be low battery?
I hope Malibu's in 2015 have a 5 year warranty but not sure.


  • Chad_ScottChad_Scott Posts: 456 Open or 55K Rated Skier
    It should be under warranty. Sounds like the screen is bad. The 15 should have a key down by the cup holder to start the boats as well.
  • hemlockhemlock Posts: 146 Baller
    Thanks @Chad_Scott.
    Will check that out for sure!
  • ReggieOReggieO Posts: 76 Baller
    @hemlock make sure you give us an update, I have a 2015, thanks
  • hemlockhemlock Posts: 146 Baller
    Update: Turned out that there was a bad ground. Apparently on the back of the engine. I guess the ground connection there was just a little loose which caused bad voltage.
    Boat is back on the water!
  • ReggieOReggieO Posts: 76 Baller
    @hemlock great to hear you are back on the water....glad to hear it was not the screen!
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