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Pending Worlds women’s slalom record

kckc Posts: 130 Baller
I see that Regina ran 4 1/2 at 41 in the second round at Lyman‘s today, after warming up with 2 1/2 at 41 in the first round! Wow!
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  • ZmanZman Posts: 1,471 Crazy Baller
    She is skiing awesome! Go Reg.
  • bparsonbparson Posts: 15 New Baller
    @Zman should know. I met him at Lyman’s today with @Booze.
  • UWSkierUWSkier Posts: 1,175 Mega Baller
    Any video? Was there a webcast?

    San Gervasio webcast this morning was far and away the best I've ever seen.
  • kckc Posts: 130 Baller
    Hopefully someone, I would think Goode, will post video. No webcast. I saw scores on live scoring at USAWS.
  • LLUSALLUSA Posts: 274 Crazy Baller
    Great day at LLUSA perfect conditions set up Rej for a spectacular show
    LLUSA, Sr Driver, AWSA Board of Directors, Towboat Committee,Lake Owner
  • ZmanZman Posts: 1,471 Crazy Baller
    @LLUSA Great weekend of skiing, awesome event. Thanks!!
    @bparson Nice meeting you!
    @Booze Awesome skiing dude! Slaying the purple!!!
  • LLUSALLUSA Posts: 274 Crazy Baller
    Regina ran [email protected] today
    LLUSA, Sr Driver, AWSA Board of Directors, Towboat Committee,Lake Owner
  • Luv2SkiLuv2Ski Posts: 30 Baller
    I haven't seen any video yet. If someone comes across one, please post the link.
  • pcmcon729pcmcon729 Posts: 51 Baller
    Crazy there isn't more buzz about this feat. The best score for a woman ever, and better than almost any man. No video yet??
  • WaterSkier12WaterSkier12 Posts: 266 Baller
    We were at Lyman’s last weekend and it was a great event, Regina is a superhuman! Pretty good host, drivers, judges, safety, cookie supplier and dock starters too...😎

    We were b/t 4&5 ball and knew we had witnessed a something special, wish we had a video of it!
    Congrats to the whole crew!!!
  • lakeside7455lakeside7455 Posts: 56 Baller
    So is it official 4 1/2 or does she tie it at 4?
  • BoozeBooze Posts: 391 Solid Baller
    @lakeside7455 - it will take awhile to make it official. Of course the end course video etc etc will have to be approved, but I saw stop motion closeup video taken from the opposite side of the lake. The buoy could be seen as her binding went by it. I believe the question will be, was the handle in her hand at that instant, and I believe it was.
  • Luv2SkiLuv2Ski Posts: 30 Baller

    Here is a video
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