Kids Jump Helmet

bojansbojans Posts: 242 Baller
Looking for suggestions for a jump helmet for my 11 yo. Ideally something that can be here no later than the weekend.


  • Chef23Chef23 Posts: 5,839 Mega Baller
    When my son was just starting he was using a wakeboard helmet. Whitewater kayaking helmets would work. I have seen full face BMX helmets used as well. Performance doesn't have anything on their website. Bennets sells the Shred Ready helmets in their jump section.

    Many of the higher end jumpers use sky diving helmets. My son has one of those as the Shred Ready helmets didn't fit his melon. They tend to be pricier.
    Mark Shaffer
  • jimskijimski Posts: 331 Baller
    Full face hockey helmet to start with
    Shred ready helmets are good but the tip of a jumper will fit through the opening
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