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The frustrating child

Keith MenardKeith Menard Posts: 546 Crazy Baller
You know the one? Get's up the very first time...perfect form...and absolutely scared to death of waterskiing?

Patience (and ice cream) finally paid off.


  • vernonreevevernonreeve Posts: 92 Baller
    Our kids loved tubing. But the rule was, they had to ski first before they could tube. Back when they couldn't get up on one ski, the rule was they had to try at least 3 times. Then they could tube after everyone was done skiing. It didn't take long before they were skiing really well, and didn't want to tube anymore:).
  • 75Tique75Tique Posts: 64 Baller
    Nice. This is about 6 minutes, so if you have some time to kill, but the clip above reminded me of this video I put together of my kids, spanning about 10 years. They always wanted to ski. Never owned a tube. Not an issue.

    “So, how was your weekend?”
    “Well, let me see…sun burn, stiff neck, screwed up back, assorted aches and pains….yup, my weekend was great, thanks for asking.”
  • marknmarkn Posts: 207 Solid Baller
    Outstanding video showing progress of your children...awesome progress and noticed some helpful boat driving while using the boom.
    We had our niece and nephew to our lake for the 7th "Camp-ton-o-fun" and they both have progressed from knee board to skiing and now doing the mini-course and love it.
    Nephew asked about tubing and I told him we don't do that. Asking why, I told him because it requires not skill. He watched a tuber go by and he said, "guess you are right, all they do is lay there". Priceless!
  • 2Valve2Valve Posts: 206 Baller
    Taught my daughter and her girlfriend's when they were all around 6. Of the four kids, my girl was the first to deep start slalom. But every time she came up, would let go of the rope.

    Just her way of saying, " I can do this but why hold on".

    She doesn't even ski anymore. :(

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