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Best dry ish wet suit? Camaro - Stokes - HO?

Camaro, Stokes, and now HO all make super nice 1.5mm wet suits that use super flexible water proof neoprene with glued and/or taped seems so that water does not get in. The problem with all three is that the zipper in the back lets water in! Which of these three suits has the best zipper that lets in the least amount of water? Seems to be a waste to make a wet suit that stays nearly dry which I love but then put a zipper on it that leaks.


  • 94009400 Posts: 604 Crazy Baller
    I love my Camaro Black Tec long. I think I've skied it 2 or 3 years and have a few holes that I will try to patch. If that doesn't work I'll get another one. Our water rarely gets below 50 though.
  • JaredSmithJaredSmith Posts: 62 Baller
    How much does the zipper leak?
  • 94009400 Posts: 604 Crazy Baller
    Practically none when new, maybe a very, very small trickle. Hardly noticeable. I think what happens is eventually you get these little seam leaks that you'll notice a little bit but I'm extremely impressed with the suit. The weird thing is when you first put one on, it's so thin that you think the wind will blow right through it but you don't feel the wind. It feels like you're almost wearing nothing. I don't think I will ever wear a drysuit again. If the sun's out they are very warm/comfortable. I was so impressed, I also got one of their tops.

    I would say the first year was pretty much leak proof. They are a little fragile though. It doesn't take much to poke or tear a hole in them.
  • Not_The_PugNot_The_Pug Posts: 590 Solid Baller
    Zipper leaks on the Camaro (I feel zipper is the weak link in this suit. not very industrial). But I'm fine in water down to 50 degrees. I haven't used my dry suit in two years.
  • david_quaildavid_quail Posts: 140 Baller
    ++ on the sentiment that Camaro is amazing ... but even when handled like a delicate piece of fine china ... tends to develop rips. I've just come to grips with the fact I may need to replace every few years. The warmth and flexibility is worth it IMO
  • CentCent Posts: 171 Baller
    Camaro works so well I no longer have a dry suit. In answer to your question there is a Camaro solution to the zipper issue. Camaro makes a pulls over titanium .5 top that I wear under the regular suit. It solves the zipper issue. Have used this with water in the 40s.
  • tru-jacktru-jack Posts: 190 Baller
    anyone have any experience with the new HO full suit?
  • UWSkierUWSkier Posts: 1,177 Mega Baller
    Ironically my Camaro gets more use here in AZ than it ever got in WI as I can ski all winter here in 55-60F water. It's on its fourth season and there's only one tear in one of the legs where I snagged it on something sharp. The zipper does let in a bit of water, but you can minimize this by making sure the flaps are all where they belong and wearing a snug-ish vest. Also helps if you keep your neck above water when jumping in.
  • JaredSmithJaredSmith Posts: 62 Baller
    Just yesterday I tried the new full HO suit which is why I started this thread, I have used Camaro tops for a few years now but not their full suit. My wife and friends have the full Camaro suit and they tell me the zipper leaks some. If I had to guess I would say the HO leaks a little more than Camaro due to the bigger zipper teeth, the HO zipper quality does look better than Camaro. The new HO suits are very nice, to me they look/feel more durable than Camaro.
  • Orlando76Orlando76 Posts: 1,050 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    I love that 1 day a year I have to put on my Camaro top because it fits and feels like a rash guard rather a wet suit. Down side to the Camaro is the material only lasts a year so 100% of the time I wear it I have to replace it. Do not hang it up, keep flat on a shelf and unfolded. May try Stokes that one day next February.
  • igkyaigkya Posts: 646 Crazy Baller
    edited September 19
    As others have said, Camaro is so good that I no longer use a drysuit and ski in water down to 48-50 without being cold. I've converted 3 others to Camaro and none of use have any issues with the zippers, but we never zip up our sleeve and always have a buddy help.
  • wawaskrwawaskr Posts: 212 Baller
    Oneill Hyperfreak F.U.Z.E chest zip technobutter 2mm.
  • 2Valve2Valve Posts: 208 Baller
    thumbs up on the Camaro. Been skiing with it since early Sept.

    Best recipe is to have a boat with a hot water shower. Fill it up and jump in.
  • skialexskialex Posts: 885 Crazy Baller
    I have used almost every Camaro suit, 1mm full suit, blacktech full suit shorty and top.
    For temps below 55 for the past few years I use the Psychofreak 3/2 from O’Neill, best suit ever. There are many O’Neills that look similar but the psychofreak has the stretchier material, glued sims both sides and front zipper, there is no water coming in whatsoever and you can stretch the arms at twice their size.
    I sow a new HO shorty yesterday and looks really good though.
  • John BrooksJohn Brooks Posts: 362 Crazy Baller
    One of my ski partners bought this suit from Amazon last year and very happy with it. "Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit 5/3mm - Men’s Endorphin Full Sleeve Smoothskin Neoprene for Open Water Swimming Ironman & USAT Approved". The price was good and looks like it has a nice warranty.
  • JaredSmithJaredSmith Posts: 62 Baller
    @skialex Lots to choose from at but they are all 2 or 3 mm with full length legs...really like the 1.5 mm suits with shorter leg lengths.

    For slalom a full length leg is not ideal, hard to get on/off and often gets pushed up on your rear leg by the spray. A short length leg can also have issues with water getting up the leg on the deep water starts. Slalom suits that are 3/4 in leg length (judy below the knee) eliminates the above two issues. Stokes makes a 3/4 length suit that I'm leaning towards, wish Camaro and HO would make a 3/4 length.
  • vtmechengvtmecheng Posts: 611 Crazy Baller
    Camaro, Stokes, and HO don't have tall sizes. I am ordering something this weekend and being 6' 4" 180 lbs, I'll likely end up with an O'neill or a triathlon suit that comes in a tall option.
  • OldboyIIOldboyII Posts: 585 Solid Baller
    +1 for O'Neil Psycho Freak. Feels almost as dry and warm as O'Neil Neo Dry, which in my rating is still unbeatable for really cold water. Skied in less than 5C/5C (Air/Water) - the only issue are face and hands.
  • skialexskialex Posts: 885 Crazy Baller
    @JaredSmith, I have experience with both O’Neill and Camaro full suits. O’Neill are more work to put them on but the suit stays on the back leg at all times, not like Camaro. Also they might be heavier but once in the water the Psychofreak 3/2 or the hyper freak (no glued sims) are much more comfortable and warm in my opinion than the Camaro blacktech.
    Also for temps higher than 55 I use a hyperfreak 2mm longarm shorty front zipper. No leaks whatsoever.
    The HO shorty I saw yesterday at a shop looks really promising too.
  • jayskijayski Posts: 781 Mega Baller
    Patagonia wetsuits, amazing...super dry, even got a 4/3 full suit from them and stopped using a drysuit in our 30-40 degree water
  • MarkTimmMarkTimm Posts: 99 Baller
    I switched to the O'Neil Heat 3/2 last spring very durable and warm. I typically can't ski in a fullsuit, I / it are not flexible enough, I was able to actually ski in the Heat. I have torn up several Camaro suits they are too fragile for me. I recently switched to a Matuse heater top. Very warm and flexible, they are made of Geoprene.
    Mark Timm
  • ALPJrALPJr Posts: 1,861 Mega Baller
    I’m real happy with my O’Neil Epic 1.5 l/s shorty from @perfski . Third season and still warm and pretty dry. I would guess the 3/2 Epic full suit is good too.
  • S1PittsS1Pitts Posts: 175 Baller
    +1 on the Oneil Hyper Freak 3-2 so long as the water is in the 60's.
    Has anyone tried the 4-3? At what temps?
  • rockdogrockdog Posts: 558 Crazy Baller
    @JaredSmith have you ever heard of Rip Curl and ever heard of surfing? They know what's what, been doing it for 50 years.
  • vtmechengvtmecheng Posts: 611 Crazy Baller
    I am also interested if anyone has tried an Oneill 4/3 for skiing. Wondering if it would be too restrictive. Being a colder person, I want as warm as possible while being able to move. Both sizes are on sale at a few places so just at matter of deciding.
  • ZmanZman Posts: 1,474 Crazy Baller
    Take a look at the wet suits offered by Xcel. I have a 2/2 full suit that is very form fitting (little water gets in), very flexible, and has a liner that helps keep you toasty. Great quality too. They also have 3/2s, 4/3s and more.
  • rockdogrockdog Posts: 558 Crazy Baller
    @vtmecheng you would only need a 4/3 if you are in Greenland or planning on spending more time in the water than on it.
  • OldboyIIOldboyII Posts: 585 Solid Baller
    At 10am today we have here 45 air. Not dramatically warmer than in Greenland :/
  • OldboyIIOldboyII Posts: 585 Solid Baller
    edited September 20
    @vtmecheng I skied in both 3/2 and 4/3. Both of them are made of very soft and sthechy material - no restrictive at all. Both chest zip and back zip are constructed with flaps which conduct the water from zip back to outside through draining holes. No cold water touch your skin. Cuffs and legs are tight enough not let water go in.
    After skiing almost dry inside.
    Normaly I use Lycra soft compression underwear - very easy to get in and for hygienic reasons as well (no sweat, skin oils etc. spoil neoprene)
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