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Wakeye Mount Vibration

skihardskihard Posts: 554 Crazy Baller
Who owns a Wakeye pylon camera mount? I have one with an iphone mounted nicely to my pylon but the video is very shaky, even n the best calm water.
Were you able to fix it and if so how? Mine is mounted right to the swivel top on my pylon so it moves very easy and well with the rope but the vibration of the boat makes for disappointing videos.

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  • bf`bf` Posts: 142 Baller
    We have found that using the selfie camera on an iPhone works better. On my mount, Android phones are fine, but later iPhones have a lot of shake and jello using the front facing camera.
  • jercranejercrane Posts: 270 Solid Baller
    lots of good posts in the archives on this issue

    Here’s one
  • dislanddisland Posts: 1,308 Mega Baller
    Use iphone 6 or earlier, super cheap to buy on line
    Dave Island- Princeton Lakes
  • dislanddisland Posts: 1,308 Mega Baller
    Oops 4S I use, works good
    Dave Island- Princeton Lakes
  • MISkierMISkier Posts: 2,551 Mega Baller
    I use the iPhone SE and get very good video with Wakeye.
    The worst slalom equipment I own is between my ears.
  • CarlCarl Posts: 14 Baller
    I noticed a small shake in my videos and found that one of the set screws on the sides were loose. Maybe something to look for.
  • Dacon62Dacon62 Posts: 688 Crazy Baller
    edited October 6
    Anything you can do to move the phone into calmer air at speed?
    1) Lowering the phone mounting point. May not be possible?
    2) Move the rear view mirror to reduce turbulent air buffeting the phone.
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