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It is time for your yearly Who Are You Guys thread:

HortonHorton Posts: 25,665 Administrator
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The never ending thread

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  • HortonHorton Posts: 25,665 Administrator
    edited June 2016
    I am John Horton, this is my website. When I ski, it looks like a big BallOfSpray. I run this place. Below is my bio. I post this so you know that you know who you are dealing with.

    I first skied when I was 3 and come from a water skiing family. Until recently I was better known as Dr. Jack Horton’s son. My dad is the inventor of the man-made private ski lake and a legitimate water ski legend (Water Ski Hall Of Fame - Award of Distinction, many time National Champ, USAWS Board of Directors, US World Team Doctor, Sr Judge & Driver).

    In my younger days I was a somewhat promising 3 event skier. After college I quit skiing for about 5 years. After a radical career change, I came back to skiing to market CarbonFiber slalom fins. After the bottom fell out of the CarbonFins market I went on to organize and write the Independent Ski Tests for Water Ski Magazine 2006, 2007 & 2008.

    I am by no means the best skier on this forum & I do not pretend to be. I am all ears when the real MM or Open guys have something to say and try to help less experienced skiers find good information.

    The below stats are really old because now I am old. The older I get, the better I was.
    12 Time US National Competitor (Could be 11 times - not sure)
    US National Slalom, Trick and Jump Medalist*
    US National Overall Medalist **
    Western Regional Slalom, Trick and Jump Champion*
    5 Time Western Regional Overall Champion
    Western Regional Men 1 Trick Record Holder (1991 to 2006)
    Open Rated Jump**
    World Ranked top 50 for Jump*
    World Ranked top 100 for Tricks*
    Member National Champion NLU Ski Team 89-93
    Moomba Masters Night Jump Competitor*
    Horton Lakes Ski School Instructor 85-93
    * one or more times in the 80s and early 90s
    ** a bunch of times in the late 80s and early 90s
    (This is all old news but it shows that I am not just some crackpot)

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  • TuneyTuney Posts: 244 Baller
    I'm Michael Bullock,I am a University student, 23 years old and I've been skiing since I was around 7. I got into slalom accidentally when one of my skis fell off the same year and I never went back to two skis. I have never tricked or jumped, I do have a wakeboard that I noodle around on once or twice a year but it's usually just slalom for me. I keep my boat at the dock at my parents cabin on Emma Lake in Saskatchewan, Canada. There is no course on the lake so I have always free skied. Surprisingly there have been two slalom courses that I didn't know about on another public lake that is a 2 minute trailer drive - the lakes are connected by a channel which you can't boat through. So I hope to hit the course up at least once a week next year. I've never skied a tournament although I am definitely interested maybe after I start going around buoys next year it'll happen.
  • HortonHorton Posts: 25,665 Administrator
    Thanks Tuney,

    after the big scarie software update this winter I may set it up everyone will have a bio. I think it is better that way.


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  • scotchipmanscotchipman Posts: 4,013 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    edited October 2010
    M3 skier living in Utah, did not start slalom skiing until I was 22. I work as a meteorologist to pay for skiing. Went to my first regionals this year and was only able to get 5 @ 35' for 10th.

    I currently ski on 64" GOODE 9900 SL Wide Ride with Radar RS-1's bindings mounted to the ski with Dual Lock, always looking for the next best ski.

    Own a 2008 Malibu Response LXi with PP StarGazer that works great with nice balanced segments.

    PB in a tournament is 1 @ 39', PB in practice is 2.5 @ 39'.

    President of the Utah Water Ski Club.

    - President of the Utah Water Ski Club
    - Owner at Still Water Lake Estates
  • bobunabobuna Posts: 27
    edited October 2010
    I'm Michael Koutsaris. Bobuna means, 'bid dumb greek.' I'm a 28 year old student and live in Toronto, Canada. I skiid as a kid until i was about 13 and started again 2 years ago. I primarily free ski as my lake in muskoka canada does not have a course and it is generally pretty rough, so early am and evening skiing is the only option. I started skiing buoys this past summer at Bush's Ski school which is near by but only got a half dozen sets in this season. I am planning on getting much more course skiing in this coming season and starting the season on a new ride and hope to move south next fall for grad school, which could help lengthen my season.
  • slalom frogslalom frog Posts: 103 Baller
    I am Mike Boulet, "lurker" at BOS.  I am a 40, married and a father of 3 great kids.  We all live in Maine and I am quite possibly addicted to slalom and trick.  Having skied the course actively for the last 5 seasons, I am always working to improve my buoy count, which has been happening but not as quickly or gracefully as I would like it to happen.  The long off season in Maine causes you do do a bit of catching up at the beginning for every season. 

     I have never skied in a tournament but do put a course up on the public lake that I live on in the summer.
  • slalom frogslalom frog Posts: 103 Baller
    Than- I do not know Cy.  We are on a small lake called Sheepscot.  My wife and I are probably the only ones on the lake that know how to ski the course.  Others try but with limited success.

  • jedgelljedgell Posts: 326 Baller
    I'm Justin Edgell, M2 skier for one more season.  Live in Missoula, MT ski at a private lake 45 miles north of town.  Started skiing when I was 13, tried the course when I was 22 and got hooked.  Moved to Houston for work in 2000 and started skiing regularly after I got my boat in 2003.  Moved to Montana in Nov '05, now ski regularly from April through Sept.  I'm currently on a 67" D3 Nomad RC with Strada Bindings, hope to upgrade next year.  I have  a '95 SN with Stargazer that's dialed in and skis great.  Tournament and practice PB are both 1 @ 35', got to figure out how to get past 1 ball.  During the off-season I spend my time snow skiing at the local mountain, some hunting, and spending a lot of time on the forums and waiting for Spring.
    Justin Edgell - Bozeman, MT
  • Than_BoganThan_Bogan Posts: 6,043 Mega Baller
    edited November 2011
    sf -- Minor note: That was a "whisper."  But not because it was in any way secret, just because presumably nobody else would be interested.  You can use the "whisper back" button in such a case.

    Anyhow, Cy would be in the "limited success" category.  I think his best is 4 buoys, in part because I cannot convince him that he needs to go much slower to learn the course (and get a ski with more surface area if needed to make it feel comfortable).
    Nathaniel Bogan -- GUT Padawan
  • konakona Posts: 529 Baller
    Bob Boyle from ewe-tah i am 49 and dont spend much time in the course. When I do I poach Scots course on Utah Lake. I have been snow and water skiing since 6 yrs old. Used to work at ski resorts and would ski 120 + days a year did that for 27 years now I work for the local university repairing elevators ,electrical tech. I ski behind a tige 22v not to bad but not a d drive.
    Bob Boyle - I am my girls father
  • LakeOneSkierLakeOneSkier Posts: 247 Baller
    edited October 2010
    I’m Clay Horsley.  48 and a ski addict.  

    Learned to ski at 4 years old so I’ve been skiing just about all my life. 

    Skied my first private lake, Shortline Lake (Elk Grove, CA), in ’85.  Fell in love with it.  Knew that someday I had to live on one.

    Skied at Stillwater Ranch (Pleasant Grove, CA) up until ’04.  Was involved in the creation of Redwood Shores (Lincoln, CA) in ‘03/’04.  Shortly thereafter relocated east to a place where you could not ski year round.  Went stir crazy only being able to ski 3 months out of the year.  

    Built a home at Lago Santa Fe (Santa Fe, TX) in ’06.  Yes, it is on Lake One.

    Haven’t skied a tournament since the late 70’s/early 80’s and really have no desire to.  But I do have a desire to ski 3-4 times a week and ‘foot when the body allows.   Current PB was set this summer, 3 @ 35 off/34mph.  (thank you A1!!)   I’m excited as hell that I’m still setting PB’s at this point.

    Have an 8 year old son who is slowly coming back from the dark-side (wakeboarding) to slalom skiing.   He can make the mini-course and get 2 regulation buoys.  Watching him round the 2 ball and the smile that he gets on his face is absolutely incredible.  

    My wife has skied for 9 years and just started to get all 6 buoys this summer.  She is totally addicted.  She actually stated that making all 6 is better than sex.  Not really sure if she was kidding or not.    Doesn’t matter though as she can drive the boat with the best of ‘em.

    Part time lurker on BOS.  Author of ‘The Rant’.
    Baller Index: -31.67
  • skibugskibug Posts: 1,979
    edited October 2010
    I am Robert Grizzi, and I am an addict.  I am 39 and currently living (15 years) in Mooresville, NC (Race City USA) with my wife and 7.5 year old son.  We are about 20 miles N. of Charlotte.  I am an engineer; which explains a lot about my anal nature and attention to detail.   I started slalom skiing on open water around 10 years of age.  I grew up skiing on the weekends at our summer place (we lived in the Chicago Suburbs) in North Webster, IN (Lake Webster) may sound familiar because it is the home of Bart's Watersports.  I spent about 19 years engraining my perfect open water skiing technique only to find the slalom course in 1998; and, I have spent the last 12 years trying to deconstruct that bad technique.  When I started dating my wife and realized this was the one, I taught her to ski.  She too is now an addict which makes it great as a family activity and she understands where I am coming from in terms of having to ski.  She now chases buoys too.  She can ski the course at 32 MPH – 15’ working to 34 MPH. 

    Vital stats:Ski Club – Little Mountain Lake Ski Club

    PPB is 1 @ 35 / 34 MPH; I don’t ski in tournaments

    Current boat – 2009 MC 197 TT w/ZO, setting C1

    Current ski – 2010 D3 68” Z7 ST

    Current bindings - Fluid Motion E-series RFF w/RTP

    Eagle front zip vest, clincher gloves, Masterline rope, HO 13” Accurate ARS Custom handle
    Bob Grizzi
  • rq0013rq0013 Posts: 543 Baller
    edited October 2010
    Im Rob Quetschke (24), I live in WI and have skied for University of WI Madison and WI Whitewater. I started skiing when I was 7 and started the course when I was 14. I live on a public lake but get time on some private courses. I feel my large amount of open water skiing has enabled me to really work on technique with out chasing bouys. Im a huge fan of Radar skis and feel they are headed in the right direction with their skis and company. My dream and goal is to build my own lake either in WI or the UP of MI.  I would like to become a Radar rep, Ive been selling so many people on Radar skis its not even funny, both people I know and dont know. I spend a week at Bennetts every spring for the last 3 years and love it. I have mostly skied college tourneys but Im making the transition to summer tourneys. I ski with Boomer behind his 08 197 TT, IM light so I use A1 but want to make the transition to B1 for the short line lengths. 

    If your ever in WI hit me up to ski!

    PB [email protected]/36mph

    Radar Strada 66, double RS1 bindings- I think my next bindings will be the new Obrien elite bindings, I like the concept

    Rob Quetschke
  • nam1975nam1975 Posts: 127 Baller
    I'm Nick Mohler, currently live in the west burbs of Cleveland, OH. The North Coast!

    No, I don't ski on Lake Erie. I only go on the big lake in 5'-7' waves to perch fish and not puke.

    Ski with a great club on a farm pond near Sandusky, OH - world capital of roller coasters and waterparks.

    My wife just started skiing the mini course and is getting to be a pretty good driver.

    I also frequent SE MI - family has a lake cottage in Lenawee County. Just goof around and foot, board or sit on the float boat.

    Past Ohio University Bobcat ski team member....Glass City Waterski club too. Last year in M2 if I went to tourneys.

    99 Response LX w SGPP

    67' D3 X5

    Need to spend a whole week at H2OZ, Swiss Ski school or the of these days!


  • jimbrakejimbrake Posts: 1,233 Mega Baller
    Jim Brake - 52 (last yr of M4). Began skiing at 4 yrs old when we lived in Houston, TX. Moved to the SF Bay Area when I was 8 and we began skiing with friends on the delta, but no access to a course. Several fun years of free skiing with family and friends on various foothill reservoirs. Skied the course for the first time at 17 in 1975 when I drove past the Santa Clara Co. WSC pond and a collegiate tournament was going on. I stopped to watch and a guy I knew (great tricker Mike Wendt) saw me and said we could say I was from De Anza JC (I was in high school) so I could ski. I missed one ball (!), but wanted to keep at it. Went to Suyderhoud's in '76 and progressed from 28LL to 34LL in five days. Also learned to jump. Joined the Santa Clara club in '77. Skied for Chico State '81 - '83. Went to grad school at San Diego St. and skied at Mission Bay and in southern Cal tournaments '85 - '87. Moved to Sac in '87 and have been skiing all around this area since then - Bell Acqua, Sac Water Ski Club, various other private sites. Practice pb 2 @39, tournament pb 4 @38. Haven't jumped since '90 but pb was 132' in 1983. Snow ski raced for several years and became a full-cert snow ski instructor at Squaw Valley, but now only teaching my two boys - 11 and 13. They are hooked on slalom and are both working on 22 off - one at 34mph and the other at 36. Still enjoy tournaments, especially now with my boys. 67" A1 with D3 rubber.
    "...all of the basic fun banter"
  • Than_BoganThan_Bogan Posts: 6,043 Mega Baller
    edited November 2011
    Why does this feel like an AA meeting?

    "Hi, my name is Than and I've been an addict for 20 years."

    Well anyhow, I'm 39, and while I've been skiing some semblance of a slalom course pretty much entire life, I didn't get truly into it until I went to The Swiss Ski School in college (roughly 1990) and I found out there were people waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than me.  Humbling yes, but more so inspiring.  There was SO much more to learn!!  Since then I've been on a constant quest to be as good as I can be.

    I began skiing tournaments in 1995 and my best that year was a buoy or two at 36/-22.  I first qualified for Nationals in Men II in 2000 -- the year with the lowest EP in decades: 2 @ 36/-35.  My bests are 5 @ 36/-35 and -- just last month! -- 4 @ 34/-38.  In practice I've run each of those passes, but VERY rarely, and not since before my disc injuries in 2007.

    Update 2011: Tournament best is now 1 @ -39 thanks to the insane water at John's Pond in NJ.

    I am generally interested in competition.  I've competed in Magic: The Gathering tournaments, am always ready for some tournament-style poker, and generally love playing any sort of game.  I typically prefer watching sports (in the broadest sense) over other things on TV.  Lifelong (and long suffering -- I was born after The Guarantee) Jets fan.

    I am a Certified Geek, all the way from a strong interest in math and computer science, to a well-known name (as Thanimal) on the Dungeons and Dragons Online Forum.  I work as a software engineer with a specialization in algorithms and speed optimization.  I enjoy The Big Bang Theory, and I have no clue why so many "normal" people seem to also!

    Despite all this, I somehow tricked an awesome woman into marrying me, and we have two girls, 9 and 5, who just got interested in skiing this season.

    My hobbies include overthinking, fishing, and making fun of myself.
    Nathaniel Bogan -- GUT Padawan
  • JacStocksJacStocks Posts: 5 Baller
    Jacqueline Stocks

    Communications Director for the INT League

    I promote grassroots and amateur waterskiing and wakeboard. Sometimes we do it right, sometimes we make mistakes. But I do believe that we are doing a good thing and growing our sport.

    Easily excitable and passionate about our work within the watersports industry.

    Currently working on running 35. I love to ski and I love skiers. I grew up skiing in INT Events, I skied in College for the University of Washington. Now I ski INT and a few USAWA events a year. I ski on Lake Sammamish, Winlock or wherever anyone will pull me.
  • thagerthager Posts: 4,296 Mega Baller
    edited October 2010
    Tom Hager - 54, Pilot type, M5 slalom hack and friend of MS. Please don't excommunicate me! Skiing since age 12 in Southern Canada (Minnesnowda) 2002 SN196 with ZO, own accusink course, PBT 3.5 @-35, PBP [email protected] Downhill since. Dry sense of humor. Love to tinker especially with ski stuff. Plastic fin protector, slalom courses and ski cases to name a few. Happily married with a daughter. Only ski addict in family and area for that matter!!
    Stir vigorously then leave!
  • rawlyrawly Posts: 464 Solid Baller
    Steve Rawlinson-47,living my long time dream of having a place at a tournament lake(Ski West Village).My family and I spend half the year skiing on a regular bases and the other half racing our motorcycles out in the Mojave desert(District 37 AMA).Just a blue colar guy barely making it by,but we do. 
  • londonskierlondonskier Posts: 190 Baller
    David Kaye - London, England, Real Estate Developer / Trader. 49yrs, skinut,Princes Club member, PB [email protected] (32off I think?)  skiid at 6, then a little age 16, and went mad for it age 38. son of 18, daughter of 13 - both skiers, but not the wife. how hard I try - she wont.  Oh well.  that means I get to go to Orlando regularly without her. (is that good? - I'm not sure). 67" Radar Strada - theyre getting really popular here.  We ski when its cold!
  • londonskierlondonskier Posts: 190 Baller
    Typo - I'm 47 not 49.  Its late at night and I'm trying to catch up with Ryder Cup news.
  • kpickettkpickett Posts: 138 Baller
    edited October 2010
    Kyle Wiley Pickett - 39 years old, from the bay area, currently living in Northern California. I'm a symphony conductor. I conduct the North State Symphony (in Chico and Redding) and the Juneau Symphony in AK. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say I'm probably the only professional orchestra conductor who skis into 35 off.

    We ski at Villa Lagos - Eric Pettinger's lake in Gerber, CA - along with a couple other BOS lurkers.

    I grew up free skiing on Lake Shasta, and got to take a few lessons with Mike Suyderhoud over the years. I didn't really get to ski much during all the grad school years in Baltimore. I got back into skiing the course around 2003, when some great folks in Chico invited me to ski at their lake. I built a portable course to use on Shasta, but I really got into it about 3 years ago when we joined Villa Lagos.

    I'm really proud that my wife is hooked and running the course at 15 off/30mph, and that my son got up behind the boat this summer before his fourth birthday. We also have a one-year-old son who doesn't ski (yet). As an orchestra guy, I get asked by people all the time, "What instruments are your kids going to play?" and I always respond, "It doesn't matter to me, as long as they waterski."

    I skied the INT tournaments this year - Tourney PB is 1.5 at 35. My practice PB from a couple weeks ago is 3 at 35. I'd sure like to get through 35 next summer, and I'm considering doing a couple AWSA tourneys next year.

    I ski on a 66" Connelly Prophesy, although I'm thinking of making a ski switch next year. I ski behind a '94 MasterCraft Prostar 190 w/ the LT-1, which I still think is the best slalom boat ever made.
    Kyle Wiley Pickett
  • PT MikePT Mike Posts: 163 Baller
    Mike Cantamessa 46 from Long Guyland, New Yawk. Lurking here for only a week but diggin' the site so I'm jumping in.

    Iv'e been skiing the course since 94 when we installed one behind Jones Beach in a salt water tidal flat. Pretty challenging

    site to ski regularly,ski at high tide only, ocean breezes, etc. Joined Twin Lakes in Monroe,NY a private two lake site 65 miles

    North of New York City about 5 years ago. Normally run into deep 32 when I'm behind my 96 PS 190 or my buddies 04 Moomba W/ PP classic but

    Struggle W/ 28 behing 2010 LXi W/ ZO at Twin Lakes.( That's a thread for another day). With all the info here I'm looking foward

    to getting my SG upgrade dialed in AND learning how to better deal W/ ZO. I been riding a D3 Nomad (white top) for about 4 years

    but have a few sets W/ a new S1. Seems I can turn and build better angle with alot less effort. Looking foward to making some contacts.

  • Doug Leenhouts, 27, of Wolcott, NY. I just figured out counter-rotation after 22 years of skiing so you can imagine that there's a ways to go yet. I refuse to wear a wet-or dry-suit, I have a slalom tattoo, & I despise jet skis. And I will never, ever, take skiing for granted.
  • LeonLLeonL Posts: 2,255 Crazy Baller
    edited October 2010
    Horton, a bio file or user profile would be great so that one could look up individuals at leisure.

    This is who I am.  Leon Leonard, age 63 M6.  Got started in skiing at 40, first tournament at 42.  Kinda over the hill but still able to ski near my personal best.  (I guess if you've never been very good that's not saying much).  Personal best in tournament is 3.5 at 35 off and did 3 at 35 in a tournament this season.  Senior driver and senior judge.  Live on a private, 3 event site (don't jump or trick, though) in Eminence, KY (near the center of a triangle made up of Cincinnati, Lexington, KY and Louisville, KY.)  Ski on a D3 RCX with roller blade shells on a Fogman plate.  Ski behind a 2008 SN 196 w/ ZO and a 2002 SN 196 w/ PP classic.  Can't tell the difference.  Ski in about 5-6 AWSA tournaments a year if I don't go to Regionals or Nationals, then a few more.  Our site welcomes BOS guys if you're going to be in the area! 
    Leon Leonard Stillwater Lake KY - SR Driver SR Judge
  • dislanddisland Posts: 1,212 Crazy Baller
    I am Dave Island. I didnt start competitive skiing until I was 40. I was a surfer and windsurfer and lived in Hawaii and California. I moved to Dallas in 1999 and saw my first slalom course and jump. Bought a lot at Princeton Lakes and asked Mike Thompson to teach me to jump. I went from plop overs to winning SCR Mens 3 jump in 2007. Ok I backed into it because Kevin Withrow didnt jump that year. I love to slalom just wish I was better at it. My son now kicks my butt.
    Dave Island- Princeton Lakes
  • LazLaz Posts: 300 Baller
    I'm 40, married with three kids, living in Toronto. 

    My biggest asset is having a wife, kids and parents who are all into slalom.  That seems to be the biggest factor in getting out to the lake.  Two days ago, I took my father to our local ski club where he is very close to getting the course at 28mph.  Then yesterday, he turned 65.  Not bad at all.  And to think, he learned to get up on one ski last year.

    Next year my wife and I are going to Waterski Costa Rica.  It will be the first time we travel without the kids in 10 years.  Egad. 

    When I was about 10, my dad bought a leaky 14 ft, 70 hp outboard and taught the kids to ski.  We continued to ski and upgrade the boats.  Then medical school, residency and small kids nearly got me out of skiing and into sailing.  Yes, horrible, but true.

    Then, funny story.  Four years ago we were camping with the kids not too far away from the McClintock lake in Cambridge.  I remembered having a few lessons there about 25 years ago.  So, for a lark, I met my dad there and we both had lessons.  It was the first time I had ever skied through a slalom course.  I got 5 balls at about 28mph and was transformed.

    I tell my non skiing friends to imagine a golfer who spends his whole life hitting balls on the driving range without ever knowing about a golf course.  Then one day he is shown Pebble Beach.  I felt like a junkie after his first hit.  Everything snowballed from there.

    The next year we bought a Moomba Outback.  (Which, by the way, is a great boat for those just getting into slalom.  The $20 000 you save can be put towards lessons).  Then we got an EZ-Slalom course.  Finally, this year, my wife increased my allowance so I could join SummerSki, a private club just north of Toronto.

     Now I've progressed to an official PB of 3 at 28' off, 34mph although I got through 28 off once with a strong head wind.  I'm working on handle control and back arm pressure.  My main hurdle to improving is having my "swing thought" disappear as soon as I go through the entrance gates.

    This summer I took a half day off each week, met up with 5 friends and a pontoon boat.  Then we would install the slalom course, get the BBQ going on the pontoon and ski and eat till dark.  That was a blast.

    Laz Klein
  • Rpc29Rpc29 Posts: 186 Solid Baller
    My name is Ryan from Atlanta, Ga. I've been working at Coble Ski School the last two summers. I'm 24 years old and my best in a tournament is 3 @ 35, practice is 2 @ 38. Started skiing the course in college when I was 20 after years and years of free skiing. Started going to NCWSA tournaments with the University of Georgia and fell in love with the sport. I ski behind a 2001 Malibu Sunsetter LXI with PP Classic when I'm in Atlanta but I like ZO better.
    Ryan Christopher
  • Chef23Chef23 Posts: 5,641 Mega Baller
    edited October 2010
    My name is Mark Shaffer and I am a Mens 3 slalom and trick (not very good at either) skier.  My PB at home is [email protected] off (out of the water) and tournament PB is [email protected] off.  Tricks I have run 920.

    I learned to ski young (5) and skied the course regularly but never really skied tournaments.  When I was 16 I could run deep 32 off consistently at 36 mph (obviously hand driven).  From the ages of 22 to 38 or so I didn't ski at all. 

     I have two kids an 11 year old son and a 12 year old daughter.  The boy is a Boys 2 competitor who dragged me into tournament skiing last year.  He has a tournament PB of 1/[email protected] mph (15 off) and a practice PB of [email protected]  He also tricks 660 points so far and jumps with a best of 48 feet.  My daughter mostly skis for fun right now although she has dabbled in the course a little.

    I live and ski in MA with Than Bogan among others including a couple of lurkers here who will hopefully jump in.

    I qualified for regionals in slalom this year and was first off the dock in my division and didn't finish last. I ran a PB at the time for me of [email protected] off at regionals. My goal is to qualify for Nationals in slalom so I can go one year and ski when my son skis.

    I forgot to add earlier that I am currently the Mass State Mens 3 trick champion only because there was no-one else in my division.
    Mark Shaffer
  • Ed_ObermeierEd_Obermeier Posts: 1,339 Crazy Baller
    OK, I'll jump in too...

    I'm 55 years old, live in the countryside near Paola, Kansas (half hour south of Kansas City on the Kansas side of the state line).  Started skiing at age 18, learned to slalom at age 25 m/l, skied the course for the first time at age 34 and was an IMMEDIATE addict (this does feel a little like an AA meeting, not that I've ever been to one ...).  I do ski INT but I'm not a seriously competitive skier, I find it more fun to get out with the gang on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings and compete against my self and my expectations. 

    My standing practice PB is 5 @ 35 off, tournament best is 1.5 or 2 @ 35, PB in wide ride is 2 @ 38 off 30 mph (that was FUN!), average score recently is 2 or 3 @ 35 off old guy and girl speed.  I've spent the past year really focusing on my fitness level and I believe that I'm in probably the best physical condition I've been at the end of a ski season ever, which I expect to result in a new PB soon (I'm REAL close to running 35, just gotta figure out a consistant gate/one ball) even despite my rapidly advancing age.  So don't let advancing age keep you from thinking you can't improve, I truly believe my best skiing is still ahead of me.

    Boat - '05 Response LXI with StarGazer (I love this boat!).  Ski - 68" Strada (love the ski too, since Matt Rini finally got it through my thick skull how to counter rotate on the off side...), D3 Leverage bindings.  I'm also the owner of EZ-Slalom Course Systems which is how I support my addiction.

    I feel like I know a lot of you folks on BOS on some sort of personal level, several I actually do know personally (I've skied with Horton 3 - 4 times now i.e., great dude BTW despite appearances) and many of you are EZ-Slalom customers.  For that and for putting up with my occasional rants without flaming me too severely I sincerely thank you.

    Ed Obermeier - owner, EZ-Slalom Course Systems
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