Please make your appointment today!!

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Did you make your appointment today??

I went to bed late tonight but checked BOS just one last time and was stunned. I don't know Ray personally but share the same type melanoma cancer but at an earlier stage. I've grown to hate that word. I was diagnosed in 2004. Two surgeries months of recovery and a year of chemotherapy has left it in remission now for six years. I get CT and PET scans along with visits to the dermatologist 2 times a year and will for the rest of my life.  It can come back.   When I read that Ray had cancer my first thought was melanoma but did not want to jump to conclusions and hated the idea that it might be.   After a year of pressing WSmag to run an article on the subject knowing the amount of time we all spend outside, they finally agreed and ran a small story back in an early 2010 summer issue (I'll sight exactly which later today).  I told Todd it needed to be written because it will save lives.  One thing about this type of deadly cancer is that no one can tell you when you acquired it. The melinoma specialists at the Moffit Cancer Center in Tamp FL told me that no one can pin point the onset and it could have started when I was a teen.  We didnt know much of sunblock back then or had ever heard of a dermatologist.  With that said, the most affective way to prevent this from happening to you is to SEE a dermatologist.    We can start a grass roots movement right here right now.  It only takes a phone call and about 30mn of your time.    Keep this thread alive and at the top of the list by posting the following words the day you make your appointment:   "I made my appointment".    If you already see one, post the same words.  This will make a huge impact on our lives and the lives of our families and friends across our sport and others.  I'll start.   "I MADE MY APPOINTMENT"     Thank you. 
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    Who do you make an appointment with?

    A dermatologist or  GP?

     Is there some type of specific procedure you request or do you just indicate that you spend a lot of time in the sun and want them to give you the once over?
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    Bad cancer.  Lost an uncle many years ago to it, when less was known.  He was thought to be cured, but it came back years later and took him.  If I recall the story correctly (I was too young to remember), they had 6 kids under the age of 10 at the time.  He was pretty sick when our annual family lake vacation was scheduled, so my parents loaded up all of their kids (10) and all of Leo/Judy's (6) and took 'em on vacation to the lake.  I think there is also a pic somewhere of my Dad getting Leo up on a ski after his leg had been taken (where the melanoma started).  He stradled him on two skis and supported him under the arms, tears rolling.  Bad cancer.   
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    If you can see a dermatologist. Basically they will look you over head to toe, literally. There is no modesty here and there should not be. If they simply look at your face and arms that's not good enough. My father had a poor dermatologist and they missed something because they did not have him disrobe. He ended up in surgery last year but the melanoma last year. It did not transision beyond the lesion site. He did not have to have chemo but is checked by a dermatologist twice a year. Once a year with a dermitologist is adequate for the general population. Please feel free to ask me any question. If I don't know I will find out. Good to see some response.
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    See a Derm.

    I had skin cancer removed from my nose in my mid-20's, and have made regular trips now for over 20 years. Numerous "funny" looking moles or scaling spots have been removed by freezing or cutting out.

    We just had a local Dentist die of skin cancer from his scalp that passed to his brain. it was very fast. He was in his 50's.

    My dad at 80 has been a boater almost his whole life. He has darker skin and black hair, and has had numerous cancers removed in the last 5 years, so it isn't just us blonde fair skinned types.

    Don't think it just happens to the other guy. Wear a hat and shirt and sunscreen for sun reflecting off the water.
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    Skin cancer is not something to take lightly.

    I spent almost 6 months going through various surgeries to get rid of all my melanoma.

    I was lucky and did not have to have any further treatment but had I let it go I may not be alive.

    This is a pic of the 4th surgery I had on this ear.

    Couldn't find the pictures of the slab of meat the removed from my back
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    WSmag ran the article in the September 2010 issue on Skin Cancer. I do wish it stood out better considering they ran a very noticeable 2 page article on handle injuries. Skin cancer kills 8000 people a year. The article is worth looking at. Page 18. Will Asher on the cover. AB is right. Hats are your friend. Be proud of your whiteness. SPF sunblock and SPF clothing all help a great deal. ESPECIALLY ON KIDS!!!! Just to clarify in the article, my barefooter freind that passed from cancer left behind a son and daughter (not just a son) and a wife. I've wanted them to correct that but never did write them. Ray and his family will be in our prayers.
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    I know some people think this is too serious of a topic but definitely go see a dermatologist on a yearly basis. My doc has me completely strip down and checks everything from between my toes to more "sensitive" areas. I've never had anything serious but considering how much time I spend in the sun, peace of mind is priceless. Think about it. You take your dog to the vet once a year so why aren't you going to the doctor for a physical exam once a year ..................?
    Ted Thomson, Austin Texas, Aquaplex
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    Also a genetic component to Melanoma risk.

    My dad had one removed from his neck.  Caught early and so far no further treatment required.

    At his Dr's recommendation I went to a dermatologist to get checked.  The first guy gave me a quick look over, clothes on, and sent me on my way.  This didn't seem right so I scheduled to see a diferent Dr.

    She checked me over from head to toe, was very thorough and provided lots of information before the exam.  Also recommends a yearly exam and self exams.  If you notice any changes in color, border, size then get it checked immediately.  Early identification is key.

    Take it seriously.  Find a GOOD dermatologist.
    Carl Addington, Lakes of Katy, Texas
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    This is a bad cancer to get.  Given the amount of time I spend in the sun I generally have my doctor give me the "mole once over" every year.  I have anything suspicious removed (just had one cut out a few weeks ago and it was benign, as most are).  Just goo policy to have a full body once over every year.
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    IMO skiers should be going twice a year, I do. We spend a lot of time in the sun...
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    I'm with ski6jones above... Get naked in front of an educated woman that you don't know that well at least once a year... If she's a doctor, even better, it should be easier to explain to your wife and will only cost you the price on the exam, instead of half your sh*t and 50% of all the rest of the money you will ever make in your life. I learned that from a friend... I'm celebrating my 26th anniversary with my 1st and only wife snow skiing this week (very similar to slalom). Every December Dr. Mary H. checks me out for odd moles and gently asks me to cough. Yeah baby!
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    My dermatologist....?  She is good-looking.  Her nurse is as well.  Add a good looking intern and what you have?  A waste of perfectly good naked time. Man that light was bright.  Not a requirement to see a good lookn Dermatologist. But it helps.  
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    I made my appointment today.
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    Made my appointment today.
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    Made a call today. Left a message. Hope to hear back soon for an appt!
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    Made my appointment 3 days ago. June 30th 7:45 am

    Please watch this and pass it on.


    If you have not read this thread please do.

    Thank you.

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    I get a full body skin check by a dermatologist at least every few years. This is indeed a must these days.

    And if you see anything new or changing on your skin, get in there right away.

    Aside: There's actually been some compelling data lately suggesting that extreme under-exposure to sunlight is also very bad for you in other ways, but I don't think anybody reading THIS forum needs to worry about THAT! So get some spray-on sweat-proof sunblock and use it!
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    Thank you for sharing this and especially that video. Already researching Derm's around me to schedule an appointment. Seriously, thank you, I was not taking this type of thing serious enough.
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    I get full checks every year by my Derm (I was on the every 6 months schedule, then switched to annual). I watched my mother die from melanoma 20 years ago at 65. It is not a good way to go... People do not take this seriously enough for all the time we spend in the sun.
    Basil Cell Carcinoma might not be as deadly, but can be disfiguring if left too long. I had a small spot on my nose a few years ago that I originally thought was a zit, but it didn't go away. It could have been just a small, easy removal if I had gone to the Derm earlier. Luckily I was sent to the best plastic surgeon in town, most people don't even notice the scars.
    Always use sunscreen & wear your wide brimmed hats!
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    @unksskis. You are very welcome. There is always some good in the bad. If what I and others have gone through gets the attention of others and keeps them from having to go through the same thing, the good starts to overshadow the bad. Post here when your appointment is set.
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    FDA will be regulating Sun Sceen products. Lotions, sprays, and sticks. On the new labels will be: "broad spectom" coverage. If the product does not have these words it does not meet minimum standards for sun rays that cause cancer and contribute to aging. Also gone are the clames of "water proof" and "sweat proof". Replaced with "water resistant and sweat resistant" for a period of 60 to 80 min only. No more SPF 100 or 80 or 60. Max, I believe will be 50. It's only taken 35 yrs for them to get there act together and regulate most of the false clames. Bottom line...... Reapply every couple hours. Especially KIDS..

    They will also be looking into the true effectiveness of the sprays.
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    I just went for my yearly check. They took two biopsies and treated one pre-cancerous spot. Just wanted to refresh this thread to remind everyone how important it is to get checked.
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    Melanoma is tough. I checked Ray Stokes caring bridge site the other day. Sounds like a great guy with a great attitude through it all, but nearing the end.
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
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    Wow, I am not making this up.... I looked at this thread last night and set a date to bump it up after the Holidays saying something along the lines of...... "Well, the Holidays are over, very few of us are skiing what better time to make that appointment". I may still do that because it's just that important. If your new to the site and have not read the thread please do. Please watch the video.

    I got my results back a month ago from my CT/PET scan..... All clear (7 years cancer free)
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    R.I.P. Ray. Your family is in our prayers..
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    Wish that is an amazing video.. Thanks…. RIP Ray
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    Well, the Holidays are over and very few of us are skiing. What better time to make that appointment with your dermitologist. I'll be at my dermatologist at 7:30 am tomorrow morning. If your new to the website or haven't seen it, checkout the video above. I love the post that said "you take your dog to the vet once a year". It's true. It would be very cool to see a bunch of appointment dates posted again this year.
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    Just sat down and watched the video. Great piece and as a fellow "ginger" I had to chuckle at the ginger comment.

    28 years old, and a few to many days on the water and roofing houses without good protection I have had my share of bad burns. Luckily I have been good so far, have the wife check me as often as I can get her to and as a result I have had one bugger that showed up cut out. Right in the middle of a back tattoo but the piece of mind was/is worth the scar even if it is in the middle of my ink.

    You guys got me thinking though that I ought to up the game and let someone besides the wife check out my naked freckled self.
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    What's great about a dermatologist is that they can edgucate you on what everything is on your body. So you know what's what and what to watch for. Piece of mind also comes from the dermitologist telling you that the mole on your arm (as an example ) is absolutely nothing to worry about. Once a year is all it takes in most cases. And your wife can join you in the exam room and get the same education. 62,000 diagnose every year with malignant melanoma. Great to hear you checking.
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    Made the appointment last week.
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