Now Defunct Ski Companies Of the World



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    I have a EP X2 with comfort grip, Kidder Pro, EP trick pair, 2 HO Extremes black and green, TRX, chuck sterns wood slalom.

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    I've got an EP GX3 and a pair of 72'' EP jump skis that will give you fiberglass slivers if you try to handle them. All of those have standard adjustable bindings of the day perfect for barefoot step-outs, two ski bomb-outs, or going over the jump (not so much).
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    I have a pair of Aqua Rite wood tricks in my basement that my dad used to use years ago....also have an old 42 EP wing tip and a 63 Jobe open class that is heavy but still skis well for the kids. Used to be Judy McClintocks ski if I remember correctly. (Whit's aunt I think) I think there is also an O'brien Competitor... 68 probably.......oh ya also have a 30 year old Hydroslide knee board we pull out once in awhile too!
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    Miss that" Great American " slalom ski. I skied on one for several years. I believe Lucky Skied on one for a while. Maybe late 70's.
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    I have my uncle's old Vector Graphite at the lake

    Andre Broussard - Louisiana
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    Great Americans are hard to find. Not many were made. I am selling a 40" Carbonworx trick with reflex binding on Ebay. I had the ski custom painted with flames.
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    My dad had a nice wood custom made Rail. It's the only one I've ever seen. Don't know how but it got busted up pretty good. Don't know what ever happened to it. Other than that, we all had cypress gardens.
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    the very first ski I saw (from my father) was an italian made called "Lello campione del mondo " with an old Freyre bindings that ajusts itself (become tighter) wile you ski .
    Than I saw the wood and the black Maheraja .
    The La Point skis , they used to be so light colored white and blue prints .Had the same tip as the Master Craft or the HO A1.
    Knew one french brand called Sim's (wood skis very well made)
    Started competing on one Western Wood made of epoxi glass , had a funnel tunel and Mike's autograph.(that my fathers partner gave me, I was old that time , but I felt in love with that ski)
    than went to an EP ProStock made of kevlar.
    Stopped skiing and when I started again , the ski was the 9600 Goode.
    what a difference !!!!
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    3 defunct brands from Austria (not Australia):
    Kneissl (snowski company produced waterskis in the 60s)
    Tornado (actually a fashion boot manufacturer called Panzl; 70s)
    Pilot (my father and his uncles built skis and bindings in the 50/60s)

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    ARC releaseable water ski bindings the first hard shell on the market, I beleive ski tech( reflex) came out a yr or two after the Arc system

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    I loved EPs in my younger days. I have a Comp X2 and a GX3 in my cellar along with my brother's Maherajah. All in exellent condition along with other skis of mine from the past. They line the walls of my man cave. Water skis make great decoration when no longer useful.
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    I worked for Kimball for a very short time. Kimball bought the Ajax/Lapoint (Hexcel) molds and tried to get them in mass production. Also Kimball had recently gotten the EP Comp1 tooling. Even though they were cranking out combos by the minute, there must have been more money in making Bart train parts in the compression molding machines. Did I kill Kimball waterskis?

    I also was a rep for Stinger after they moved to Florida. That didn't last long. Did I kill Stinger?

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    I still have my Maharajah wood slalom and my Western Wood slalom. Wish I had kept my CG Rampmasters I used skiing at the gardens. I then graduated to Stinger jumpers. Loved them all but after using the Stingers, Rampmasters felt like they were 50 lb weights strapped to my feet.
  • Great Southern Skis ....They were made by ex-Cypress Gardens employees. They lasted about 2 years.
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    How could a person ever navigate the course without a map? Great ski but that always cracked me up!
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    What about Daclin? They still around?
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    Holy crap man. This pic is my childhood. That ski was developed at my dad's lake when I was maybe 10 years old.

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    looks like AM skis might have copied with the picture above
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    I LOVED that ski when I was a kid. I bet we put 1000 000 miles on one.
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    From my home town of Laconia, and from the 50's and 60's: Aqua Sport skis. Good laminated jumpers that tended to last. They never could quite figure out a slalom ski that worked well. Had Al Tyll trick skis. Chances are that Ham may remember Aqua Sport or skied on their jumpers.

    That company (Cove Craft) got you both ways: they also made crutches. Owned by Larry Brown who was once President of AWSA, and also was a key organizer for the 1954 and 1959 Nationals.

    Didn't see in the listings yet: a K2 slalom ski; very short-lived.
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    Ah yes, I had Aqua Sport jumpers, tricks and slalom. The jumpers used to crack accross the tips. Even split one down the middle. No problem, just srewed a couple metal strips accross it and kept on jumping. I still have an Aqua Sport Masters Slalom and a Norine Bardill. Also had a Voit Slalom.
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    Memory lane thread! LOL! We have Stinger Trick skis (with blue wrap Wley bindings) down in my Mom's basement, and I almost bought an EP (I think it was grey colored) in 1980 when I ended up with our first Kidder Redline (blue bottom). We never had a cut and jump ski, but had a vest that we called "Cut and Junk" because it ripped up so badly. One of those yellow foam ones. Until recently, it seemed Jobe was a lost brand. I guess someone bought the name and is making skis again, kinda like they are doing with the "Motobecane" name in cycling.
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    @sunvalleylaw I have a Motobecane BMX bike. It's pretty rad!
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    To Sergio Moutatlet:
    cit. "(...) Knew one french brand called Sim's (wood skis very well made)"

    Well done, Chap!

    I never guessed someone would cite this brand - especially in a U.S. based site.
    Yes Sim's did wooden skis at first (like everyone) ; I did my debuts on a combo pair, got quickly trained to release one and then tried the slight 'V-hull' monoski aimed as a transition ski toward the wide tunnel one. All those debut/transition skis were bearing the same half white/half red decor and varnished bottom. They were easy, good quality basic trainers.

    But did you know Sim's did also very technologically advanced tricks? We had at the same time (which seems a bit strange regarding the conservative techs used in the previously said skis) a pair of NIDALIGHTs.
    There were made of a forged sole of hard (aircraft grade) aluminum embossed in one piece with the four sides, 3 stabilisation strakes on each tip. Note those skis were not flat but noticeably curved from front to back and even convex from side to side.
    The core was a honeycomb structure of aluminum, certainly milled to adapt to the curved sole. Top was a hard melamine 'flag' decor, proudly divided in the 3 blue-white-red national colors and the black eagle stylised head signing all Sim's products.

    Of course, those tricks were quite heavy - but totally unbreakable. Wake jumps, steps attempts with relevant knockings let them unharmed for years - untill they got stolen in our boat. Strange ending, since the Reflex comp wraps adapted lately with the former holes all around were not looking as a matching choice - but that was OK for all the family enjoying double-tricks tours sometimes. I will find & post some pix one of these days.

    Another dead brand no one can know - myself knowing only from a school comrade who belonged somehow to the founders family: the Roque & Lahuppe skis. Dating from the very early days (1925s / 30s) and based on the french Riviera.

    Remember that if the debate about where water skiing was really born tends in favor of the USA, the early development belongs to France, especially the mediterranean coast. Then US took over, with favorable environment in Florida and California among other states.

    As a proud Savoie born skier, used to enjoy the Aix lake since childhood, I would like to believe the old story here about alpine skiers using their snow stuff to experience something different behind a boat on Annecy lake as early as in the 192O's, but that does not make a lot of sense regarding lifting surface of vintage winter skis, plus the low performance of available boats of that time.

    However, there is a funny experience available around here that few other locations can offer: ski in the morning at 3,500m AMSL on a glacier -either in Tignes or Deux-Alpes, not speaking of Mont-Blanc available rides- and water ski the same day afternoon at 231m AMSL on my lake! (aviators check LFLB small Intl airport, at the very South of lake...). That's something to do once in a while

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    Had and loved ep, western, and most of all the mastercraft skis line.
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    Italian Brand Freyrie

    Eric Francois - Tampa, FL - 2016 Vapor - Reflex - Driving from Florida to California soon...
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    OMC sold some Javelin slalom skis...I remember seeing them in the back of the Johnson Outboards brochure back in the '80s but I don't know if I ever saw one in person. Don't know who made them for OMC but it would probably be an unusual find today.

    My dad and I have a few defunct ones in our collections.

    mid '60s wooden Challenger slalom
    wood Flagg tunnel concave slalom of unknown year
    wood Sundash slalom (part of a combo set) from the '80s
    J.C. Higgins wood slalom from Sears ('60s?)
    Penn Craft Spray King wooden combo set
    Western Funnel Tunnel
    Western XL7 Glass Competition
    EP Superformer
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    Chippendale, Freyrie (probably spelled this one wrong), Kathro, Mesle, Typhoon (wood jumpers)

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    Probably had to wear a speedo with the Chippendale!
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    Did Casad make any skis? Or, just barefoot booms, handles and other accessories?
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    I bought these Simon Koury Trick Skis off Craigs list for 50 bucks. The bindings have been updated, but there still pretty cool.
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    A friend gave me these Dixie Clipper Skis, I never did find out anything much about who, or where they were made.
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    We still have.
    Sandström from 1966. Yellow Combo with slalom setup. Great 1/2" wide wooden fins.
    Sandström trick skiis from 1968. Reed.
    Reflex sl concave from 1964 but we got this later.
    That ski was rode in a Swedish Championship in the 60thies.

    might get pictures later.
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    anyone remember Excel made in seattle in the 70s?
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    My first fiberglass ski...a Terry Sundancer. It was a little big, I think...and the last ski I used with a RTP.

    I also am the proud owner of a pair of plaid Kimballs
    Mapple T2
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    Laconia, NH, my home town, had another ski company besides AquaSport: Northland. And, they made water plus snow skis. Every Christmas, another pair, and more improvements, like screw-in steel edges.
    Northland did much better with waterski slalom skis, and made stuff that actually worked relatively well. Before concave/tunnel bottoms. They had a Warren Witherell model. Although Warren could run the SL course on a squareback if he had to.
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    @Edbrazil, I rode one of those models a few summers ago as well as a squareback. Very interesting. The squareback felt like I was skimming across the water even though the fin had to be a good 4-5 inches deep.
  • gsm_petergsm_peter Posts: 433 Baller
    Sandströms trick ski from type 1967 and Reflex from 1964
    Life is too short not to enjoy every day!
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