Rear boot angle on a double boot setup

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Hello all -

I recently purchased a radar vice with the double strada boots. This is my first ski I've had using a boot for my rear foot. I'm curious if you all mount your rear boot straight without an angle, or if you angle it off to one side or the other? I'm LFF, and was considering angling the rear boot off to the left just a tad.
Dan Cloutier


  • KlingerKlinger Posts: 71 Baller
    Most perfer to rotate the rear boot some. The direction would be your rear heal will go towards what foot forward you are. In your case, LFF, your rear heal will move to the left of the ski, your rear toes will move to the right of the ski, aka clockwise. Most find it to be more comfortable. Just try it and see what feels the best for you!
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