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Whatever happened to EXOs? Any tournament skiers on those? Will Asher, except for advertising photos? Are EXOs already dead? Will there be a new version then or we should just stick to whatever we can hammer out in our garages if we want double hard shells w/o tinkering? Connely up to something perhaps? Or will it be Dave Goode again who will surprise us all with new, revolutionary (commercial) move?


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    It looked like Lapoint is on a Reflex front in the video on the home page.
    Mark Shaffer
  • Chuck_DickeyChuck_Dickey Posts: 1,459 Crazy Baller
    Lapoint is a rear toe skier and EXO can't do that. I love mine and hope they keep going with them. I,m on my second season and would like a new pair.
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    Chuck, what were you on before EXO's. What EXOs do you use. There is very little (positive) feedback on EXOs so it would be appreciated. Have you had any issues? Do you know any 39 off skiers that use them?
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    I know two skiers with them and both have had issues with the snout of the rail breaking and the rail itself bending.
    Shane "Crash" Hill

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    EXO's have had some issues with the bar bending as the front does not release easily. A few people, including myself, have broken ankles as a result of bent bars.
    HO has stiffened the rail but i dont know if thats helped
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    Rumor is that HO is working on a Reflex type hardshell, which explains why Dave and a few other skiiers ride Reflex
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    I enjoy mine, though I'm not really a course skier & haven't taken any falls on them yet. Wish I had known they were going to release the adapter plate before I drilled into my ski though.
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    Thanks guys! Reflex is obviously the choice for most tournament skiers who use RTP. But double Reflex I saw only twice so far with tournament skiers. The one I saw last was so much customized - you may as well go and build it from scratch. Why can't anyone give us something simple and solid? Snow ski bindings are so safe and reliable - you never hear that there are any issues about them. How complicated can it be? We don't need new skis - we need safe and reliable double hard-shell bindings urgently! At least HO tried. I hope they keep trying.
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    I think HO is going in the right direction but if it was me I would wait for the next generation.
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