Ski Size - Up of Down?

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If you are right in the middle of the recommended ski size, which direction would you go? Up or down? I weight 190 pounds. For an HO S2, the chart says a 66.5 is for someone 160-190 pounds. A 67.5 it says is for a 190 and up person. So if you are 190, which one do you go? My personal best is 3 @ 32 off. I ski 34 mph.



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    Some may disagree; but it's more feasible to tune a slightly over-sized ski to ski shorter, rather than a slightly under-sized ski to ski longer.

    Additionally if the ski is slightly undersized, it may shut down a bit too early in the pre-turn.

    On the other hand it may be easier to sell a 66.5" if you decide to part with it, but at [email protected], I'd still go with the 67.5"...fwiw
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    I just got a 67.5 but I weigh 212 right now. My goal is to drop to 190 - 195. If you're already at fighting weight id lean toward the 67.5. I would have to agree with Gloersen about adjusting to fit. In the short time I've been on it I can see how a minor binding move can dramatically impact the way the ski turns. I was at stock settings and was feeling that it had more of a cadillac type turn. I moved the binding forward a smidge and it started turning real well! I'm very impressed with the ski! It's very user friendly and doesn't require impeccable handle control to ski a wide and early line. This time of year I stay at 28 off for what seems like forever so I can't comment on anything shorter for now, but I can see that (for me) the S2 has great potential!
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    If you ski in warm water, say over 85 degrees I'd go up. Below 85, I'd go down.
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    Rode a 66.5 S2 for a week with winter fat at 187. Summer will be at 175-180. Ride was fine at my weight but thats about as big as i get. Completely agree and experience same boot placement issues as stated above. If u typically stay at 190 and above go up. If you typically drop 10 go down. Hight also maters. If above 6'2" go up.
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    Up for sure. I spent the best part of the last 2 seasons going nowhere. went up a size on a new ski this season, best decision I have ever made in regards to equipment.
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    Up. No doubts. Especially if under deep 38 off.
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    Up. These days it seems carrying speed efficiently is the goal. Maybe too much of a good thing, but for a little while even some pretty light people were using the 70" CDX, w/ some success.
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    67.5 for sure at 34. It will carry more speed through the turn which is in harmony with ZO.

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