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I am sure the brain trust here can help. I have PP on an 2004 boat. It is the version that came with the boat. Not stargazer. If I change the battery (it is getting weak because of it's age), will I lose all of my PerfectPass settings? If so, is there a way to prevent this from happening? I really do not want to re-program it. I'd check the manual, but I have no idea where it is located.


  • Ed_ObermeierEd_Obermeier Posts: 1,339 Crazy Baller
    I'm certain that the previous settings are saved. I take my battery out of my boat every winter during lay up and I've never had to reset mine (that I can recall) when I put it back in the boat in the spring. Always a good idea to have your settings written down somewhere anyway just in case the system freaks out and resets itself to factory default settings, I've been through that twice now.
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    Isnt there a small battery within PP somewhere that keeps the settings? I think that is what Oldutskier is asking. Not the boat battery.
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    Your settings will be okay. I take my battery out every winter and the settings are there in the spring when I put it back in.
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