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Got an ez-slalom course kit from Ed Obermeier. The buying process was very good, and Ed was extremely helpful and informative. Instructions to build the pvc arms were clear and not difficult with the right tools (band saw and pedestal drill). Everything else but the anchors was included and of excellent quality and workmanskip.

Installation was easy, except for a moment where we were interrupted by two persons on kayaks that asked what we were doing and other stuff. We got tangled but were able to resolve it without damage. Lesson learned: when installing a portable course, if someone approaches, it is better to be unfriendly...

Bottom line, very happy with it.
Rodrigo Andai
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    I was in my course one morning (which also happens to be a floater) when some crunchy granola looking types paddled toward me in their kayaks. I figured "Here it comes, some tree hugger is going to yell at me for causing global warming with my ski boat." The male of the two got about five feet from me, and asked if I would pull him skiing for $20. They spent the next hour with us, and it turned out we had several
    friends in common from the neighboring state of Vermont. You just never know...
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    Thank you for the post and for the kind words Rodrigo, glad to hear all went as expected. Much appreciated.

    Cheers, Ed
    Ed Obermeier - owner, EZ-Slalom Course Systems
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