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I can't find info on what size 2012 Strada to order. Nothing about skier weight on website. Also can't find fin settings for 2011 or 2012 Strada.


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    What do you need to know? I can ask this weekend as we are having a Radar demo day at Okeeheelee with Whitney McClintock, K.C. Wilson, Paige Rini, and coach Matt Rini. I'm sure one of them could answer all your questions...
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    I read on this forum that some people get next size up for the 2012 Strada ski than the 2011 strada. I am 5'7" 145#, I now ski 2011 66 strada. Also need fin settings for 2011 & 2012 strada. Nothing on the website.
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    I'll ask for you this weekend.
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    Roger, Thanks. Ron B.
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    @MrB you should be on a 66 if I am not mistaken. I think the "size up" weight would be around 160ish
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    Size Chart can be found in the online brochure: http://www.rideradarronix.com/radar_brochure/

    63.5" 85-120 lbs
    65" 110-145 lbs
    66" 125-175 lbs
    67" 160-190 lbs
    68" 180-210 lbs
    69.5" 200+ lbs

    I'm 200 lbs and rode the 67" last year but I'm liking this year's 68" which is correct according to the chart. At 145 lbs stay on the 66".

    Not sure what year ski these were for but the last numbers I saw from Rossi on the 66" were Boot 28 7/8, Length 6.843, Depth 2.505, DFT .755 Wing 9.
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    I am on the 2012 67 and run the fin at .765 DFT, 6.843 tips 2.502. Front Aproach is at 29.3/8

    I ran my 66 about the same with the DFT .754 and boot 28.5/8.

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    Mateo, Thanks. When I went to the Radar site originally I didn't realize how to open the brochure, it's informative but very hard to read on my screen. There used to be Rini and Rossi fin settings on the Radar web site, now I can't find it. Roger is going to a Radar demo day at Okeeheelee and will ask Rini today for some additional info. Thx again Ron B.
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    New Rossi Settings
    Size Front Boot Length Depth DFT Wing
    65 28 3/8 6.845 2.500 0.745 9⁰
    66 28 7/8 6.843 2.505 0.755 9⁰
    67 29 3/8 6.843 2.505 0.765 9⁰
    68 29 7/8 6.843 2.505 0.775 8⁰
    68" Vapor
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    @MrB - Looks like you're getting some good info right here. I put your info into my ski bag and I will still get with Matt on Saturday for his recommendations and I'll post them here for you (and all).
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  • Chris RossiChris Rossi Posts: 277 Open or 55K Rated Skier
    2012 Rossi Strada Recommendations- These are meant to be my starting recommendations. Fine tuning may be necessary from here.

    65 - 28 3/8" 2.502 6.836 0.749 9 degrees
    66 - 28 7/8" 2.508 6.836 0.755 9 degrees
    67 - 29 3/8" 2.508 6.836 0.764 9 degrees
    68 - 29 7/8" 2.508 6.836 0.777 9 degrees
    69.5- 30 5/8" 2.505 6.836 0.800 8 gegrees
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    ChrisRossi, Do u still have 2011 numbers for a 66 strada? That's the ski that I just bought that I'm supposed to receive next week. You're a pro, Should I really start with ur numbers? Thx for everyone's help. RON B.
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    @rico didn't know about that. I found some fin setting at PERFORMANCE SKI. Too bad Radar can't put on their website. Thx fog your help.
  • Chris RossiChris Rossi Posts: 277 Open or 55K Rated Skier
    @MrB My recommend strada set up is not my personal set up. Hope that 2011 stick treats you right! Let me know if I can help you dial it in.
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    @chrisrossi Thx, I was told those were your fin settings. Some of my friends think they know everything. Is that also true of Matt's numbers?
  • Chris RossiChris Rossi Posts: 277 Open or 55K Rated Skier
    I'm not sure about Matt's. The 66 settings could be his but the other settings he recommends are what he finds works best for his students.
  • @chrisrossi Chris, what are your personal settings? Are you on a 66?
    JC McCavit
  • Chris RossiChris Rossi Posts: 277 Open or 55K Rated Skier
    My personal settings are:
    28 3/4" (1/2 hole back on sequence plate)
    9 degrees

    I move forward pretty hard in the preturn so I like to have a deeper fin than most. It also helps to keep the line tight which give me more confidence at shortline.

  • @chrisrossi Thanks Chris for sharing your ski settings. I do understand your personal settings may not work for everyone. If you don't mind, how much to you weigh?
    JC McCavit
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    Saw Rini today and got the "recommended settings" from him. He suggests staying on a 66" as well. Settings recommended from Rossi (I know he posted above) and Rini:
    Rossi: 28 3/4, 2.495, 6.840, .750
    Rini: 28 5/8, 2.505, 6.850, .750

    Take your pick.

    I tried the 68" Strada today and thought it was way better than last year's ski. I could barely run a pass on it last year and this year ran several 28s and 32s (34mph). I could move onto this ski from my Fischer easily where last year I wouldn't have considered it. We had a pretty nice turnout for the Radar demo day with Mat Rini, KC Wilson, and Whitney McClintock there from Radar to coach. Miami Ski Nautique supplied the skies and boots. There was steady testing of new skies and boots going on the entire day.
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    Rossi is way off on this one.
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    @Roger Glad u had a good turnout. With those pros u could'nt miss. Thx for the follow up numbers. RonB
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    @Tuney - please explain? How can Rossi be 'way off' on anything to do with slalom?
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