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I just accepted a job in the Pittsburgh area, so my family and I will be moving out there over the next couple of months. I have a young family (two girls 2 and 4), and would like to find a lake that would be good for the family and give me a chance to run the course. Anyone know of anything in and around the Pittsburgh area?


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    There is a slalom course on the Allegheny River behind Nine Mile Island. The name of the ski club is called Golden Triangle Water Ski Club. There are also a number of private tournament ski lakes in PA and OH within about a 2 hour drive.
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    I lived in the Pittsburgh area all my life until 2 yrs ago. There's 3-4 private sites and used to be 4-5 sites on public water. OH has many more private sites.
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    Dave's Pond in Eire Pa. is one of the nicest ski lakes in the East. It would be a weekend site for you, but well the trip. Most of the club members are from Pburgh.
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    Also some clubs around Youngstown...less than an hour depending where you live.... might help
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    If you are looking for a place to move and can be an hour or so north check out Lake Latonka. Just off of I-79. Shoot me an email if you have questions.

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    I lived there for a few years, actually just north of The Pitt in Cranberry Twp. Just across the 80/OH boarder, in Lima maybe(?), there is a private place. Good people, but can't remember the owners name. If I find it I'll PM ya.
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    Thanks all... At least I have a place to start.
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    I ski on Lake Latonka. I am hoping the get the course put back in before the end of April. Waiting for the lake to fill up (4 inches to go). Look me up..
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    There is also Big Rock Pond in Perryopolis which is south of Pittsburgh. I have never been there though.
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    Big Rock is a nice, but short lake. The owner and other skiers are very nice.
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