Looking for a little help setting up my ski

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I fairly new to the sport and looking for a little help setting up my ski. Had the ski for a number years but have not changed from the factory setting.

Info on the ski:

2004 Connelly F1 67"
Double Vision Bindings


175 lbs
Left foot forward

Just starting out so I am skiing 15 off at 32mph but hope to improve on that quickly

I would appreciate anyone's help with info on setting up the ski. I know the ski is rather dated, and if this is just not the correct ski for me, I would appreciate the feedback. In meantime, I am hoping I can proper set this one up till I can make the transition.

Thanks in advance



  • MSMS Posts: 5,156 Mega Baller
    Do you have a caliper? I have F1 fin numbers.
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  • JP77JP77 Posts: 9 Baller
    I do not. I was planning on taking the numbers to a local pro shop to set up my ski.
  • MSMS Posts: 5,156 Mega Baller
    Try 6.757 length, .770 DFT and 2.505 depth. Boots about 29.25 to 29.5 from tail to rubber loop.
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    Harbor Freight Tools has an affordable 8 inch dial caliper, and H20Proshop has a nice set of angle guages for the wing.
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  • JP77JP77 Posts: 9 Baller
    MS -

    Thanks for the info.

    I would be interested to know if anyone else is using the same or similar measurements.
  • MSMS Posts: 5,156 Mega Baller
    Those are numbers from when I used to ride the ski. You could do yourself a favor by getting on a Strada or somthing like that. Vice?
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