With Goode reintroducing the 9100, what should HO, Connely and Obrien bring back?

bhsbhs Posts: 239 Baller
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So the 9100 is suppoesd to be revolutionary for Goode, but I wonder what the other ski companies would consider their "revolutionary" skis???

Obrien = Competitor
Connely= HP or Concept
Kidder = Redline


  • thagerthager Posts: 4,039 Mega Baller
    Obrien Sixam 1.0
    Stir vigorously then leave!
  • webbdawg99webbdawg99 Posts: 1,066 Mega Baller
    I've heard a couple different people say that there was a run of HO CDX-1's that were better than anything HO has put out since.
  • A_BA_B Posts: 3,866 Mega Baller
    EP Stiletto, full carbon layup with good adjustable fin box this time around.
  • bogboybogboy Posts: 690 Baller
    O'Brien BFS, connelly hook, big easy
  • SkihackSkihack Posts: 448 Baller
    Jobe open class, full carbon layup would put all other's out of business. :)
  • DragoDrago Posts: 975 Crazy Baller
    Grey bottom Extreme.
    06 F1
    05-06 x5
    96 CR 3
    Whatever that o'brien was that CP was on
    Also need that Iconn kid's slalom back
  • GAJ0004GAJ0004 Posts: 1,038 Baller
    O'Brien Mapple Signature Model slalom.
    Gary Janzig Streetsboro Ohio, skis at Lake Latonka, Mercer Pennsylvania slalom,trick,kneeboard,barefoot
  • MSMS Posts: 4,545 Mega Baller
    07 Monza
    Shut up and ski
  • thagerthager Posts: 4,039 Mega Baller
    @ MS Shut up and run what ya gots!
    Stir vigorously then leave!
  • skibrainskibrain Posts: 936 Crazy Baller
    I will wait for Horton, or anyone else's review of the 9100....
  • HortonHorton Posts: 24,788 Administrator
    edited June 2012
    @skibrain It will be a good ski. I doubt that Goode will send me one to review but I would be stoked if they did. Will it be exactly like the old 9100? Well I would assume that it will be better. Everyone remembers the 9100 as being so great but that is because it was ahead of it's time. Goode and everyone else knows a lot more about ski design today.

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  • GAJ0004GAJ0004 Posts: 1,038 Baller
    Connelly HP trick ski. I only got to ski on it once, but I really liked it.
    Gary Janzig Streetsboro Ohio, skis at Lake Latonka, Mercer Pennsylvania slalom,trick,kneeboard,barefoot
  • pjirsapjirsa Posts: 29
    i'm sure this is not true. but, does anybody get the feeling that they found a load of these in the back of the shed and marketing figured out how to make some money instead of throwing them out?
  • MattPMattP Posts: 5,994 Mega Baller
    @pjirsa thats what I have been thinking...
  • MSMS Posts: 4,545 Mega Baller
    They all got lost in the move to Utah and now they found them.
    Shut up and ski
  • BoneHeadBoneHead Posts: 5,845
    Or they were warranty returns that were refinished! ;)
    Shane "Crash" Hill

  • Than_BoganThan_Bogan Posts: 5,793 Mega Baller
    You guys are evil -- in a good way.

    I've only ever owned two skis that instantly gave me significant new buoys:

    1) Connelly HP
    2) Goode 9100

    Both are now obsolete, but I must admit it would be pretty amusing to ski on an original HP, so that's my answer to the original question:

    Connelly HP!!
    Nathaniel Bogan -- GUT Padawan
  • Chef23Chef23 Posts: 5,168 Mega Baller
    @Than_Bogan I have an early 80s Connelly HP in my shed if you want to run some buoys on it.
    Mark Shaffer
  • swc5150swc5150 Posts: 1,874 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    MasterCraft LaPoint Radius. I still have my asym right sitting in the boathouse. That ski took me light years ahead of where I was on my Jobe Carbon V.
    Scott Calderwood
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