98 S/N GT-40 momentary power loss

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Looking for help here. Yesterday I had 2 instances where I lost power pulling a skier. The loss was momentary, I regained power so quick the skier did not notice. I am looking @ electrical. For starters I am going for the kill switch, key switch & battery connection.

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    Remove all grounds, clean, and cover with anti-corrosion coating. Same with ignition connections. Use PB Blaster on the connectoins every month or so. This is often just a loose or corroded connection. It could also be in the distributor system. Wires do require replacement every 5-years or so.
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    I was all over the place trying to diagnose my 97 with a similar problem only mine was... boat worked flawless one day...would not start next day. Was horrible timing as I had Sully over to ski. Few days later, Jodi Seal pointed me to the kill switch. I think it's common for that aged boat. The plastics it's made of just deteriorates with time. I'm positive mine was a darker red. Looks faded now. One way to check that confirmed it for me was to lightly touch it. That's all it took to kill the boat. So fiddle with it and see if it kills it. If it does, thats probably it. Can hard wire and by passing switch, new switch or stick a penny in it. I used a dime. My 10 cents worth.
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    Wish is that Normal closed switch that passes voltage thru....opens on a kill. Or is it a normal open....closing going to ground. Your post indicates it is a N/C are you 100% positive of that.

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    Chased a problem similiar to that with a new 96 (?) back in 96. Spark plug wires. Worked fine untill a certain high rpm's
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    @walleye Going off what Jodi told my to do and check. Did not get any detail on type of switch. There is a spring in it that wears out as well if I rememder correctly.
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    start with the basics.

    battery terminals/cables, spark plug wires (replace if they are older, distributor cap/rotor, other wires/connections, neutral safety switch...

    Frist thing I do with any machine I get is go over all the electrical connecations with a wire brush, electical contact cleaner and my tube of dielectric grease. corrosion is a killer!
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    @walleye Go for the kill switch first, the quality is that of a toy.
    Next, check the oil pressure switch (not the oil pressure sender for the oil pressure gauge).
    If the "check engine light" works erratic (should be lit when no oil pressure and go out when oil pressure is present) that´s a big tell that the oil pressure switch is bad.
    Had both problems on a 99 (different occasions).
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    Its most likely the "keep alive" circuit that Nautique put that vintage boat. I had very similar problems with my '97 several years ago. My memory is fuzzy on the details, but if you give the guys at Discount Inboard Marine a call, they can walk you through the troubleshooting.

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    I"ve got a 99 snob my kill switch went out last year. Same exact discreption ran fine then would not start.Stalled at high speeds.Then ran perfect. Then died.Jumped the kill switch wires ran perfect.
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