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Weird slalom crash

ski.tyronski.tyron Posts: 9 Baller
edited June 2012 in Mostly Slalom
I had a pretty weird slalom incident on Wednesday evening. I came into 4 ball at 13m (32 off) and fell in towards the boat with my shoulders a bit so I let go of the handle to avoid taking an unnecessary hit out the buoy, the next thing I know I was flicked up onto my back by a hard pull at my right ankle. Turns out that as I let go of the handle it somehow got wrapped around my front leg (right foot forward) and when the boat pulled, it pulled my foot from underneath me. I ski with a reflex boot in the front and the boot was pulled not only off my ski but off my foot too (it is now in the lake somewhere around 4 ball), I'm guessing by the boot coming off my foot it took the rope off from around my ankle with it.

My ankle hurt real bad so I went for x-rays but luckily nothing was broken, doc says its a bad sprain with some ligament damage, I have a splint for 5 days but guessing I'll be off the water for a few weeks. What I want to know is if anyone has heard of this happening before? Because I sure have not!


  • ski6jonesski6jones Posts: 951 Mega Baller
    No, but a good example of how the rope can give you problems even with a handle guard. If you need to let go of the rope just keep it in your hand until the boat takes it from you. Otherwise throw it far away from your expected ski path. I prefer the former since when you're out of shape you're never quite sure where you might end up while falling.

    Hope you get back to 100% soon.
    Carl Addington, Lakes of Katy, Texas
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