Malibu Response LXI Windshield Repair?

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The glass on our site's 2008 Malibu's vented windshield is coming loose. I am looking for any hints/instructions, or been-there-done-that advice on repairing the assembly.

It appears that the glass was attached to the frame using some sort of double-sided, adhesive and weatherstripping. Also, the frame appears to be attached to the gel coat with only minimal screws.

Again, if anyone has rebuilt or repaired or reassembled this windshield, please let me know what to expect. I think this shield was present on 2006-2011 Response LXI's.
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  • sixballsixball Posts: 229 Baller
    I can't help but I think the windshield you are talking about started in 2007.
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    I don’t know how long you have owned the boat, but a close friend has a ’07 be bought new. It’s had its windshield replaced three times. This spring he was able to get Malibu to pay for replacing it. The dealer had done one prior under warranty, and he recently learned had done another prior to delivering the boat to him(which explained the previously unexplained week delay of delivery in ’07). Good luck, I am actually surprised given my friends issues, that I haven’t seen more chatter about this issue on the forums.

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    Might try forum too
  • ToddLToddL Posts: 2,757 Mega Baller
    @JayG80 - yep. posted there, too. Thanks.
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    the left side of the window on my 08 RLXI came loose, I put masking tape around the front side of it before I took it off completely, I removed the double sided tape from both the boat and the window and applied a generous bead of Black Urathane windscreen glue(available from all auto glass companies), and put the winscreen back on and screwed it down, I used a ratchet tie down strap from the stainless vent to the trailer to hold down the corner while the glue went off, then I removed te masking tape(before the glue went off) and cleaned up the glue that squezzed out, replaced the rubber trim and away I went, this was 18 months ago and no issues, I reckon I could lift the boat off the trailer by the windscreen now.
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