non-drill approach/mounting RTP to Goode 9800?

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Due to unforseen circumstances and a calamity of errors I'm switching skis. All self inflicted chaos...that said, need some ideas.

Would like to go to either a Goode P-shell (velcro) and was hoping someone could recommend/email some ideas on a 'non-drill' approach for my H.O. rtp.

Do I need an extra piece of Carbon for under the RTP? Want it super-sano.

The alternative is to just order some brass inserts from Mcfeelys. Not opposed to going to something other than a P-shell. If I do this should I consider the new Reflex carbon plate system and their boot or the FM from Jager? Seems these are the only systems that make sense other than staying with my front Animal. Appreciate the ideas.



  • mike55mike55 Posts: 86
    scary Brent, my mom use to say kitten kaboutal. Good idea though. does Mr Horton modify or offer any custom set ups for purchase?

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    For the RTP:

    I would feel pretty good about using interlock as a temp solution. You will have to strip the foam and clean the bottom of the binding to get the adhesive to stick to the plate. If you cover the RTP with the interlock it will stay in place. I would change the interloc at least once a season and proper install is important.  


    Extra plate or anything not needed. If you are stressed about this you can give me a call or voice your concerns here. In the long run I think it is not a bad idea.


    One more thing  . . .  Wileys Wileys Wileys.


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