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A couple of years ago at Mike Hayes and Marcus Brown's request I designed a buoy that didn't hurt me if I hit it. We ran them in my lake but the longevity was poor and when they got torn up I replaced them with conventional buoys. Mike and Marcus are now healthy and buoy specs changed to allow a bit safer placement so the buoy redesign got shelved. But I just hit a buoy wrong today and got a minor (I hope) ankle tweak. Perhaps it is time to continue the evolution of a safer buoy - especially when the current buoys are injuring our rising stars (Kurt Hinz just got a major ankle injury from a buoy hit). I'll at least bring a prototype to Nationals just to stir the pot a bit.



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    Are balls really the issue? Or is it bindings?

    Sorry to hear you are hurt . . .  been there.

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    C'mon John, it was the ski! The test ski is now retired. I'm not sure if I'll plunk down the cash for the Goode but we talked about it. But Kirk took a test ride on Connie's old Goode and he likes his old Leeski better. And Dave's graphite did just arrive at the office...

    The bindings may have been a factor. It was my rear ankle that got tweaked. I run my top clip fairly loose on the rear hardshell. My foot may have started to pull out, then hit the clip and caused the injury. It was not a high energy crash so I didn't blow up the bindings (per design). The front foot is 100% with the tight clips. Binding redesign will put a rubber band in place of the rear clip so I have the flexibility in the rear foot I need without the slop.

    The buoy caused the fall and I tagged it pretty hard. My water is down just a bit so the buoy was floating a little high - but still in tolerance. I would not have fallen so hard or weird on my safety buoy. I stand behind my call for a safer buoy.

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    6 steel reserve cans would work nice as bouys, fill em with foam an watch em float.  If you run over one, good excuse to purchase another sixer!
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    Bouy Idea...

    Soft floating mass, about 12-14 inches below the surface which binds together "filiments" 12-18 inches long (above the mass).

    Think of a broom, upside down, with the bristles sticking out of the water. Color and shape the bristles out of a durable material....    bundled at a density to balance visibility with safety........ and ski through them....

     Now go build it someone!

     John Miller  
    John M
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    Wow! Interesting idea. I'll look for materials that might work and see if I can be the "someone".

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