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Thought I'd share some background settings for PP Zbox for those of you with issues like the Boat runs away ( accelerates) from 2 ball to 4.
99 SN GT 40 Acme 422 prop.
I set kx @+, ball 1 @ 20 , ball 3 @ 30 and b4 to xit @ 20, kept Zbox value @ 11(factory setting)
Above settings is under Normal skier weight.
This made a dramatic improvement over the dreaded 2 ball flight, now apparently the time to ball 2 Will always be on the slow side no matter what settings I try (about 2 /100s) the big thing now is ball4 is dead on actual or 1/100 slow so no more chasing the boat as before where I was dealing with a 6-7/100 pickup between 2 and 4 ball.
Haven't thourougly tested this yet, got these settings out of pure desperation last night but it's a much better starting point than factory settings for this boat.


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    @rico I do not know what times i get at each buoy by heart, I Only look at the time difference ( + or-) at each segment.
    However, I tend to get -1 for segment 0(ball 1) i. e 1.76 no matter what ball 1 setting I run, I even tried setting ball 1 to 0- still got 1.76.
    As you Point out I suspect that is what causing the times to be on the slow side for #2 ( segment 1), the boat shuts down to compensate for a fast entry.
    Good thing I did not see fast times for #4 (segment 3) wich has been the biggest problem so far with fast segments as much as -04
    Makes me think it is time to try @Ed_Obermeier s suggestion to lower the baselines in an attempt to correct the fast entry.
    I wish I had a larger sample of skiers (I really need to work on my own skiing and ski settings) to tweak boat settings between passes.
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    @Drago. Ha ha sorry for the rant, but this is a real problem with these old boats and PP Zbox
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    @rico Update- background settings <34.2 Normal: Ball 1 30, Ball3 30, Ball4 to Exit 30.
    Zbox value 11
    KX+, baseline rpms set to actual times.
    Now the system is working perfectly, no more chasing the boat from 2ball, all segment times are within 1/100 + or - except for the last where I get an occasional 16.97 (who cares).
    Might try to increase the Ball4 to exit value to remedy but feel reluctant to change anything right now.
    I think the whole deal with the different settings are illogical, for example Ball 1 value does not change the time to buoy 1 one bit, it does however more control the time to buoy 2 and the need to catch up to buoy 3 (I´m referring to actual buoys here, not segment times as the are displayed as to ball 1=0, ball2=1 and so on).
    Ball 3 controls the time to buoy 4, hey, I just realized the "Ball" word in the display really refers to "Segments" in the timing chart, that would explain a lot.
    Funny thing is I had a long correspondense with PP last year and they never mentioned this, the suggested changes I got from them had the opposite effect so I more or less gave up on the whole thing.
    Gonna try Ball 1 40 next time out and I´ll bet I will get dead on actuals for buoy 2
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    @rico I don´t worry about 16.97, it´s the run away from buoy 2 that has been the issue the whole time.
    Now I feel I´m in control of the settings, suspect I will have to think about "Ball1" in the settings as segment #2 in the timing chart and all will be good.
    Boat driver said it even sounded as Zero off now with the boat reacting to my pulls and adding rpms accordingly, felt very good behind the boat too (I actually like Zero off, easier to create space before the buoys).
    I can make the setup as long as I like (big lake), we drop at each end and start towards the course (at an angle to avoid swells from the start entering the course) have about the same time as a decent man made lake is all I could tell you.
    Regarding baselines, I set them to produce dead on actual times as per PP manual, don´t have them handy right now but they are no good to you as they differ between different boats,props, waterways etc. even if you have the same boat and prop model and make.
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