Pain in the back

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About a month ago, started having some pain adjacent to and running under my right shoulder blade after skiing. It has steadily gotten worse over the weeks to the point of feeling like being stabbed in the back WHILE I'm skiing. I took a shot to the ribs on the lower right back side somewhere in the last 4-6 weeks, can't remember if it was before or after the pain started. Saw my P.T., she did a deep tissue in the area, and gave me some stretches to do (foam roller etc.) Anyone have any experience with this? What did you do to treat it? How long did it take to get better?


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    Medical doctor here recommending chiropractor or osteopath (D.O.) To me sounds like rib articulation with vertebrae.
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    @6balls, can you explain what "rib articulation with vertebrae" means? Approx how long will it take to heal? My P.T. did some chiropratic moves when I saw her. Thanks for the help.
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    @acmx where the rib and the vertbrae meet and interact. I have one that gets me every other year on average since a high school injury. When it slips out it won't go away on its own and slowly gets worse. We have an osteopath in our office who does manipulations and she usually has me worked out in one visit and then it takes 3-4 days for the muscles to then calm back down. Have not that kind of luck with the local cadre of chiropractors but always had good results with the one in my former hometown. Good luck.
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