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Seaweed control, figwort or Hydrotrida caroliniana

ZmanZman Posts: 1,225 Crazy Baller
Has anyone dealt with a seaweed know as figwort, or Hydrotrida caroliniana? It seems to be rather uncommon (maybe) since I cannot find much info about it online. The local university extension (UGA) person who looked at it did not think grass carp would be very effective until the lake was first treated with a herbicide. So, this could get expensive.
Up until now it has been mostly just a nuisance, but now it is like a bunch of it has come loose (no doubt aided by some Malibu RLxi running up and down the lake) - and now we have so much floating on the surface, it is getting almost impossible to ski.
If you have any experience with this particularly weed, any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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