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I am trying to pass some basic milestone status and schedule compliance data from the plan up to PWA. At the task level I have the three custom fields that contain the following formulas. (They roll up)  In field “Number 1”  IIf([Name]="End of Phase 2" And ([Current Date])<[P2E_Task],2,0)In field “Number 2”  IIf([Name]="End of Phase 3" And ([Current Date])<[P3E_Task],3,0)In field “Number 3”  IIf([Name]="End of Phase 4 " And ([Current Date])<[P4E_Task],4,0) These 3 fields are published up to PWA as Task level Enterprise fields. These show what side of the current date the milestone is. This part works great. In field “Number 4”  -  IIf([Number1]=2,2,IIf([Number2]=3,3,IIf([Number3]=4,4,"NA"))) This is designed to put the lowest of the “True” answers on the summery so I can pass it up to a project level field. This works fine down in the plan but will not publish up to PWA. I tried creating it in PWA, I tried creating in local and publishing.  I am doing everything I can to not throw my keyboard through the window. What would I give for some IntelliSense!

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