Anybody Moomba????

My brother has been talking about buying a Moomba for several years and we were discussing it again. I think they are essentially wake board boats as I never hear about them on skiing forums but he is specifically interested in an outback V. He likes off brands, can afford whatever but just wants what he calls the Hyundai of tow boats??? I really dont have much info on them but would love to hear if anyone here owns one or has experience with this boat. Thanks! Doug
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    Outback V is a wakeboad boat, right? A friend of mine has an Outback direct drive that he's owned for 10 years with no major mechanical issues so they can be reliable boats. Personally, I would go with a Malibu or Nautique that has a few years on it over a brand new Moomba.
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    if he wants an off brand just for the sake of it, maybe check out gekko. supposedly making a come back shortly.
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    I was skeptical about Moombas, but four of my ski partners have them (2 boomerangs and 2 outback direct drives). Simple boats,few bells and whistles, but no major annoyances either. I think the outbacks (direct drive) from about 2002-3 and forward are pretty nice. We ski into -32 and -35 without issues, they have a nice wake even down to 28mph, and if you put some ballast in them they're not bad as an intermediate wake boat. They don't drive as nice as others, but they're not horrible either. [note: I'm not super-picky about slalom boats, and I'm not saying that they're every bit as good as a new Nautique. But they do tend to be good for the money.]

    An outback V is a V-drive of course. I hear they're not toooo bad for slalom if you've got the hydraulic wake plate option, but I've never skied one.
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    I have an 04 outback and it has been great, good size for people/cruising, great wake, I would say it does everything great. 04 to now is the same hull
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    I have an 08 outback.. for the money, I'd buy again... but in a few years, I''d look for a '12 TXI The outback has everything you need in a good, basic ski boat. Mine has about 200 trouble free hours... The wake and driving is very similar to 2010 response. The front looks nearly the same as some Malibu's. I have stargazer with Z-box on mine, and heres the kicker... even though the 200, and the TXI wake is better, my ball count is the same.
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    I ski behind a 2005 moomba outback about twice a year. I'm not trying to sway your oppinion but with more than two people in the boat, it actually scares me to cross the wake at 15 off/ 34 mph. One side of the wake is always like a curb on a sidewalk. Going over it is a pain, going towards it is downright terrifying. It could just be his boat that is like this.
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    I own a 1998 Moomba Boomerang for about 8 years. Have had 0 issues in 8 years. An unbelievable boat for a basic slalom boat. With a driver and a kid (or small adult) for ballast on the passenger side - probably one of the best boats at any line length. ( I've been pulled by 197's LXI's 196's etc.) We even got a pull behind a 200 and when it comes down to it, its not better. THe only issue we have is its very weight dependant. Put a driver and two adult observers in it and it sucks - wake becomes big and hard. So if you have a driver and a little ballast, it becomes an amazing cheap slalom boat.
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    I'm sure they are good boats for the money but I would rather see skiers support the four current boat companies that support three event water skiing. If it was me I would buy a used TXi, 200, Carbon Pro, or 197.
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    If you are on a tight budget get a used centurion! If you can afford-go malibu
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    We have a Moomba Mobius LS - 07. It has been a good boat for us - only one hose has blown on the engine. We have close to 500 hrs on it. Since it is a cross over boat the wakes at slower speeds and 15, 22 OFF aren't the greatest, but it is doable. It has a wake plate but you have to play around with it a bit as too much downforce will cause an even bigger rooster tail. As far as tracking goes, I am not a big fan. Any little bit of wind and you can feel the boat slip/slide across the water surface. It has however served it's purpose. My sister in-law wakeboards, so this was our compromise. It is also the first direct drive we have ever had - we have enjoyed it. With that said, I'd like to go MC or CC next as a dedicated ski and barefoot boat.
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    my "other" boat is a 2008 Moomba Outback V that I bought before I started skiing the course. I actually used it on the course a few times. I was thinking about trading it for a direct drive outback when I stumbled across a closed bow nautique that was too good to pass up that now serves as my dedicated course boat. The moomba has simple materials compared to the more expensive boats but build quality has been fine, and it's been a very reliable boat. When we go on vacations to public lakes I'll bring the Moomba, and I'm happy to ski it in open water. That way my beautiful little nautique never has to see open water and I don't feel any pressure from my wife to have a ski boat with an open bow.
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    If your needs require a v drive, get a Nautique 200v. In the end, I would bet you'd come out ahead in overall cost of ownership.
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    Funny you mention Moomba...I have been looking at the boat market lately too. For us on public water with kids to consider, it is a tough choice. Would like a nice 03-04 LXi but those are still out of my range. A bunch of early 00's outbacks are in my range. Some early 90's sport nautiques available, but not sure i want that. Lots of 91-94 MC's popping up and mid 90's nautiques too. Problem is those those are too small without the open bow with the family. Starting to ponder getting one of those 90's MC's or Nautiques and with the money I save buy a pontoon boat for tying up to the floatilla, swimming, etc.
    He actually wants to buy a new one, although I think I talked him out of that, but a near new one. The ones we have seen have the wave plate and are certainly nice boats. The above description is excellent, sounds like you pay less, but you get less too. But hes throughly fixated on it. I wont see it much and his needs and mine are pretty different. Thanks for the feedback. He slaloms, and wants to teach his kids to ski but they LOVE TO TUBE!!! They have a new towable every year and they ride those things non stop, in fact had me pulling them with my seadoo. The layout of the V is really family friendly and would allow for evening cruises as well, I think its a 9-10 passenger boat though that seems like a lot for a 21' boat????
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    The outback V will make a nice tube mobile and the materials have increased in quality in the last few years. The new outback V is a 12 person boat according to moomba's website. Take the money you save and buy a slalom tractor.
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    @SDNAH2OSKIER I have a 1995 mastercraft PS 190 closed bow. It's rated for 9 people (but it would be way more comfortable at 7-8). I know its based on weight but i think an open bow should easily get 9-10 people v-drive or DD.
  • Skoot1123Skoot1123 Posts: 1,748 Mega Baller
    Our Mobius LS can hold 13 people. Of course this only applies when not skiing. Seems like you would have to have about 6 people on the back seat to make it work - and they would have to be small people..... but that's what the sticker says.
    @crashman, even if it were rated for 12 that would make ME uncomfortable : ) Well it sounds like the general consensus is that it is a good boat. Wouldnt be my first pick, but I would like to support his choice
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  • fu_manfu_man Posts: 315 Baller
    I have never understood how those closed bow 3 event boats could be rated for 8 or 9 people. I guess their formula does not include all the practical data....such as # of seats.
    OK we are actively looking for an 09+ with the V config. Someone mentioned that the interiors/materials looked to be of better quality in recent years, if there is any specific Model Year to look for in terms of improvements, please let me know. My brother is in Seatlle, I am in San Diego, and will will travel or ship the right boat. Thanks for the help so far.
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