A3 or Strada?

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Cause the only shop that sells water skis within 300 km of my house is also a gas station I can only test Radar and HO skis but i don't know witch one to get... 2013 67" Radar Strada or 2013 67" Syndicate A3?
I am 145 lbs, 5ft 10in. Any advice?
Ski hard or ski home.


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    What kind of skiing do you do, speed, line length, course etc? What are you skiing on now.
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    The Internet ships skis as well. You may consider a 66" ski at your size. Both skis are great skis
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    I personally recommend the A3. I
    Have had it for about 2 months. First set I matched my PB second set new PB
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    My recommendation is an A3 - since that is what I ski on. But I would suggest getting a 66" not a 67". What are your typical line lengths, boat speed, PB's? Are you a course or open water skier?
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    I would also say a 66" might be better. I am 5'6" 115pounds on a 65" A3. The 66" is also a little longer than 66 more like 66.5"
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    What is your previous ski? Both are great ski's and both have strong followers but if you were on a Radar before, you may find the transition to a Strada easier and smoother. I have the Strada and love it but haven't been on an HO ski since I was learning so it's hard to compare.

    Don't be afraid to order one or even buy used from ski-it-again.
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    +1 that the 67" is way too big.
  • SBFLSBFL Posts: 36 Baller
    im on a 65 A1, 34 mph and im into 32 off
    Ski hard or ski home.
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    @sbfl I went from an A-1 this summer to a 12 strada, what I have found is that my 28-32 are way more consistent, but my frequency of running 35 is down. I got [email protected] last year quite a few times, this year I have only tried it a couple of times.
    Not sure how to explain it, but with the strada my easy passes are easier and my hard passes are harder.

    I haven't tried an A-3 so no help there
  • SBFLSBFL Posts: 36 Baller
    @Jordan, the only reason im considering a 67 is cause I'm only 15 and cant afford to be buying new skis every 2 years
    Ski hard or ski home.
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    66 is supposed to be about 66.75 actual length. I ski on a 66 and I'm at 135, 6'2". 36 mph. I wouldn't want a 67. Even to grow into.
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    @Sbfl By the way I'm 16 and I started competing when I was 15 don't worry about what others think, but you will need to be able to start getting to 36. It's a quick clip but it gets fun. Keep with it, ill be glad to offer anything I can.
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    Ski hard or ski home.
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    @SBFL I honestly think that you'd be better off buying a used ski that's maybe a year old. I bought my 2012 Strada for $550 shipped shortly after the 2013 came out. I can afford to buy a new ski every year but I can't justify it at my current level. At $500-$600 per ski instead of $1300+, I feel I can legitimately upgrade every year or so with the exception that I'm one year behind. Here is one now... http://www.ski-it-again.com/php/skiitagain.php?topic=Search&category=Slalom&postid=24752

    In terms of size... I've skied on ski's that were sized wrong and it sucks. I honestly think that a cheaper ski that is sized appropriately is far superior to a better ski that is the wrong size. If cost is a major issue, buy something like the Radar Vice or Senate but don't buy the wrong size to save a buck.
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    thanks @Waternut ill deffinitly keep an eye on ski-it-again.com
    Ski hard or ski home.
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