I made it in Waterski mag without skiing 41 off!

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Something like this may be common place to many on this forum, but WOW was I excited to see a picture of my girls and I along with something I shared inside of Waterski magazine! (July page 57 top right)

My family enjoys this water sport and lifestyle because someone was kind enough to share it with me at an early age.

Please introduce waterskiing to as many people as you can, it may give them something special to share with their family and others for generations as it did me.

(Just try’n to be the American skier)


James Hartley Davidson


  • mopowpowmopowpow Posts: 307 Baller
    We just got a 6 year old girl hooked on the zipsled this weekend.  I think she rode it for over an hour and it was all she could talk about the rest of the weekend.  The trainers are next.
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    Minnesota waterski has a adopt a skier program that brings new people into the fold. We had 5 JR skiers at our class c this weekend that had never been to a tourny before and had very little experience. We gave them all a minimum 2 pass ride. We offered up dry land coaching and even kept a few around after the tourny was complete to give them some tips to get better. They were all smiles.  
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    Nice!  Nothing better than family time and waterskiing.

    Spent the week down at Norris helping my buddy teaching his 5 year old...went from the boom...to the handle...to longline all in one week.
    Anthony Warren
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