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Hey guys,

As I see it this forum is different mostly because it is moderated and focused. Since we are skiers not every post is going to be on topic and there is going to be some funny bits. I think we are all good with that. What I am not good with is topics being endlessly hijacked with talk of totally unrelated crap.

This forum allows for Whispers. The Whispers let you can exchange messages that are way off topic directly to someone without all of us having to read it. All you have to do is type the other persons log in name into the Whisper field and then the message you type will be private. Please use this for way off topic stuff and please do not use Whispers for anything that might be of interest to other skiers.

What I told two offenders this week is that hundreds of skiers read this forum every day and they do not come here to find out what brand of beer MS is drinking this weekend. If you have something to say to all of us that is not really about skiing, then it better be darn interesting or in it's own thread. If you want to start a thread for bazzar off topic that is also fine (within reason). I want you guys to have fun as well as exchange information.

To you lurkers: all are welcome and all skiing topics are welcome. Questions about where to find a slalom course are as welcome as questions about how to get out the gates at 39 off. Whatever

I hate to be the enemy of fun but if I do not then anarchy will set in. We know how well that works on the internet. The only guy here that really annoys me happens to be a great guy in person and one hell of a skier. I will ban him if he pushes me.

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