Strada v. RS1 Different or Better

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After not skiing for a long time, I am starting back. I have an RS1 that I never really set up. I skied it with stock numbers only for a short time. Trying to decide whether to invest the time setting it up or getting a Strada. I liked the RS1 speed and its ability to maintain direction off the second wake. What does the Strada do better? Is it merely different or are there marked improvements over the RS1. My heel side turn would prefer a little more tail slide than I get out of the RS1. Would this be one of attributes of the Strada. Thanks for helping with my decision.


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    I only have a few sets on both, but what I remember is that the Strada has the same great speed and carry out of the RS-1, but is much less sensitive to where you stand in the pre-turn and turn. The RS-1 did not like it if I moved around at all or tried to help a turn if I was running late. However, the Strada was much more forgiving in this area. The RS-1 is the most most bought and then sold within a few months ski ever at Okeeheelee...

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    From what I've been hearing and seeing, the level of performance is about the same between the two, but the Strada will let you get away with a lot of crap and still continue the pass.
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    I'm 3 weeks in on the Strada. From my perspective, it doesn't feel as fast because you have less of a speed delta. It seems to carry a bit more speed off the apex, so your sensation of acceleration is lower. Make no mistake, it's fast, though. And it turns the offside better without needing to get up on the front. If you do get on the front too much, though, it won't dump you like the RS1 would at times. It seems to drive through that. One comment my coach/ski partner has made is that it is setting and holding angle like I'm 2 passes shorter. So at 28 he says it's holding 35 off angle and at 32 he says it's holding 38 off angle. He seemed to be very surprised at the angle I could hold on to at the longer line lengths. The thing I'm struggling with is that because of that angle and it's ability to come off the 2nd wake and maintain direction, I'm having to learn to be REALLY patient because I've built so much space in front of the buoy.
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    I agree, the strada is just as fast as the RS1. One of my ski partners was watching me ski on the strada for the second time and said it didnt even look like I took the winter off. My favorite aspect of the ski is that I can stand on it where ever on my offside and not be penalized like I would sometimes on the RS1. The ski is definitely a step up from the RS1
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    Shane - what's a "speed delta" ?
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    It depends on what you want to accomplish. The RS1 is a great ski. Until I am into my PB range on my Strada, its not leaving my house.

    The main differance I feel on the ski is that it is very stable. I tested the Strada 2 weeks ago in DFW. I jumped right on it and did not have any adjustment issues. I went home and skied on my RS1 and no adjustment issues again.

    Pick a ski and put some time on it. If you have money to burn, get a Strada. If not, you will have no problems taking your skiing to another level on the RS1. I can send you some numbers for the that are very close to stock, but lots of skiers like the stock set up.     
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    "delta" is a numerical difference between high and low values. So a speed delta would be the difference between max speed and minimum speed.
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    in that case, I'd say that my Strada is so much easier to ski on than my old RS1, that it more than makes up for the difference in speed
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    I tried the Strada a couple weeks ago. Am on the Elite now but previously was on the RS-1. I can move all over on the Strada, something the RS-1 did not like. Both are great skis but the Strada is very stable forgiving.
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    I had limited time on an RS-1, but I could not ride it well. If you don't control the handle extremely well into your toe side it will punish you. Jump on the nose and you are done. The Strada is much more forgiving of movement.
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    I recently purchased an RS-1 coming off an older O'brien Allegiance and even though I've only skied it a couple of times this year it feels like I am skiing the way I normally would on my O'brien in the middle of the summer. I think the RS-1 bindings make a huge difference as well. The first time I turned offside on it I was in shock at how fast it was. That being said I can only imagine how the Strada must be like if it can turn the offside even better than the RS-1. I really don't think you could go wrong with either of these skis.
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    KTM300 - if you want a ski that tail slides I don't think you want a Strada.  The thing turns on a rail, the better you counter rotate the tighter and faster the ski turns IMO.  The idea as I understand it is to carry as much speed through the turn as possible so the feeling of acceleration off the finish of the turn, as ShaneH stated above, is minimized.  Which is one of the basic foundations of West Coast, at least as I understand it.  You're already going pretty fast so the sensation of accelleration isn't as great.  Make no mistake though, the ski is definitely fast cross course.  Once you make that adjustment the (Old School) tail sliding/kicking the tail around to make the ski finish the turn will be history.  It's an adjustment (was for me when I first got my MPD several years ago) but once made you definitely won't look back.

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    We built more tail slide into the Strada than what was in the RS1.  That is one of the reasons that everyone feels the Strada is more forgiving.  This ski is faster than the RS1 as well.  If there is less "delta" and you can break the buoy line earlier, than you are able to ski at a higher constant speed.  This is key to running short lines and not destroying your body.


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    Thanks all. I am going to give the Strada a try. I loved the rails on the RS1 after the buoy but not so much in the preturn. Sounds like the Strada may have toned the sharpness just enough to have the best of both.
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    Amen to not destroying the body... or what's left of it anyway.
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    Have someone test Strada and also D3 RCX,Z7st some coments.
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